Week 6 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?


How big is the baby?

The size of a lentil or 5mm / 0.19"

What's something new this week?

We went to our first ultrasound! The Indonesian doctor said "good probability" but we couldn't really see very much other than a gestational sac and a yolk sac. I thought we should've seen a fetal pole and possibly heartbeat, but it turns out I was actually closer to 5.5 weeks when I went in for the scan, not 6 weeks. I've learned my lesson and won't ever go in for an early scan again! I highly recommend until post 8 weeks for an early scan.

Most challenging moment?

Grappling with my fears surrounding the ultrasound and not having seen more. It was a mental battle to not get negative. I had to peel myself away from google and move through my worries.

Most exciting moment?

Getting to 6 weeks and knowing this is the week that the heart will start beating is very exciting. Seeing how big my tummy gets at the end of the day! It starts out very small in the AM and after all the food it a lot bigger!

AM belly

AM belly

PM belly

PM belly

Starting weight?


Current weight?



zilch/nada/nuthin/can't be bothered!


Lots of pad thai, pastas, mangoes, mock tuna sandwiches, passion fruit juices, cocount raw choco bars mmmm


Food aversions?



Salty things


I truly believe in the power your thoughts have over your body. This week, many times when I’d start to feel fear, my body would have an immediate reaction, and I knew it wasn’t healthy. Mark helped me move through it and after a few days I just started enjoying my pregnancy again and talking to my baby “I know you’re here and Mama loves you.”  I made the active choice to change my mindset and just wanted to relish in these early days of bonding with my rapidly growing baby.