Week 4 and 5 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?

4/5 weeks 

How big is the baby?

Poppyseed (4 wks) & Sesame seed (5 wks) 

What's something new this week?

Positive pregnancy tests! This was sooo amazing and really unexpected, to be honest. We thought this was a dud month of trying for us. We weren’t that committed to it because we had decided to try as soon as we got to Bali. I had a strange cycle this month! I didn’t ovulate when I thought I should’ve. What I figured was a light period must’ve actually been an implantation bleed, which I’ve never previously had with my pregnancies. Looking back though I always have wonky cycles during breastfeeding so this probably explains it. I was gearing up to try the first week we landed in Bali. I bought pregnancy tests at the airport in Singapore and as soon as we got to Indo I just had this impulsive feeling to test and BAM faint line! I couldn’t believe it. There began my pee-on-a-stick addiction to watch the line grow darker.

The first one!

The first one!

The obsession begins!

The obsession begins!

Most challenging moment?

I had one pregnancy test get a lot lighter/almost non existent and I thought I was having another chemical pregnancy. I tried not to worry and took another test in the morning. It had been a really scary night as the second big earthquake hit Lombok and we were up in the night with the house rocking. Everything was feeling very surreal. 

Most exciting moment?

Seeing the line darken over the next week and a half. Telling Mark was amazing too. I had him unwrap the sticks from a little wooden box I’d bought. He was SO confused because we had just been away camping the weekend before we left and I had taken an ovulation stick while we were there. It had indicated that I was gearing up to ovulate, so here he was knowing it was game on as soon as we got to Indonesia but I was already pregnant! I’ve read since that ovulation sticks can show up as positive when pregnant. Mark was cautiously optimistic but by 5.5 weeks and with my little bloated belly I could see the excitement rising in him.

Starting weight?


Current weight?

51.5kg / 113lbs


Running up and down 4 flights of stairs each day in our house! Carrying a 20 month old up those stairs.


Lots of healthy fruits and veggies, much less bread than usual.

Food aversions?

None yet


None yet either


It’s funny how much planning has gone in to our pregnancies and this was of course the one that took us by surprise, if only by a few weeks!. I’ve had sudden pangs of guilt these past couple of days about Forest. I know a 2 yr 4 month age gap is absolutely lovely and isn’t too close together, but I think because Bodhi got that extra 6 months with me on his own I have felt sad for Forest that he won’t have those extra months of being the youngest. Mark reminded me though that all Forest knows is sharing Mummy, he has never had me to himself (apart from when B is at school) so it might not be such a big adjustment for him. He is almost out of nappies and has started sleeping through till 5am, nurses and back to sleep until 7 so he is showing me the signs of moving out of babyhood. I know that no matter what, it will be a transition for everyone, but I am blissed out thinking about these new big changes and welcoming a new little love in to our family.