Week 7 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?


How big is the baby?

1.4 - 2cm. The size of a blueberry / 0.55" - 0.78"


What's something new this week?

Sickness!! This has been the most challenging week in terms of how I’ve been feeling. The weeks previous, I was just feeling bloated, a bit tired, and out of breath. Suddenly, I’ve been hit with hot flashes, waves of feeling like I’m going to throw up, light headedness, dizziness, exhaustion, and just not in my body at all. I’ve made some amazing friends at Bodhi’s school, but right now I’m so self conscious about being so hot, bothered and completely out of it.


Most challenging moment?

One afternoon at Bodhi’s school, I took Isaac and Forest to go pick him up (you walk through the jungle to get there!). I was very ambitious and had the carrier. We always get there early to eat from the school’s raw vegan restaurants and drink fresh juices, then go to his classroom to get him. It just so happened to be farmers market day at the school too so every single parent was there and I just suddenly felt overwhelmed. I thought I was going to throw up and Forest kept running off to investigate all sorts of things. I thought I was going to pass out, but obviously had to keep it together for the kids. I got home and asked Mark if I could sleep for a couple of hours. It helped. I’m noticing that it really hits me from 2 pm onwards.


Most exciting moment?

Funnily enough, Mark was very into the fact that I wasn’t feeling well as it kept making the pregnancy feel more real for him, he kept saying “this is such a good sign babe!!” Haha I complained loudly but secretly I too was enjoying it as much as I could!

Starting weight?


Current weight?



Walked through the jungle a couple of times to Bodhi’s school. It’s about a 15 minute hike.


Everything tasted gross to me this week. I was feeling very sorry for myself when it came to food. I could stomach fresh juices and vegan pad Thai but that’s about it.

Food aversions?

Most of everything!


Does sleep count?!



This week Mark and I talked a lot about the lead up to pregnancy and we reminded each other of all the things we have been doing over the past few months to welcome this baby. At the beginning of the year, we set the intention to have another baby. We talked about it a lot. We chose our baby names. I’d had many dreams about the baby. On the camping trip right before we came to Bali, we made a bracelet with our baby’s name on it (if we had a girl), I’d written a journal entry talking to a little baby boy and a baby girl saying that we were ready to meet either one of them. My husband had been scrawling our two chosen names all over his work pages. I found them all over his office. Just doodling away as he worked. Then at a clothes swap party the day before we left for Bali, I chose a friend of mines old vintage baby clothes from the 1980’s. A gorgeous white dress and a hand knitted woollen jumper. Subconsciously, were were putting out all the signs of wanting the baby to come and join our family. It was really heartwarming to believe that he or she listened.

Note: We ended up choosing to do the Harmony/NIPT test in Adelaide at 10 weeks instead of waiting until we were back in the states at 13 weeks.