Week 10 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?


How big is the baby?

The size of a Kumquat or 4.4 - 6.1 cm / 1.7" - 2.4"

What's something new this week?

I bought a Fetal Doppler and heard the heartbeat on my own.

Note: I need to add a Disclaimer in here- while many Fetal Dopplers have been approved and advertised as safe, a lot of doctors don’t think they’re a good idea because of over usage and misuse. They encourage women to leave this up to the experts. Some are better than others and I bought mine to be only used very rarely and for a very short period of time. E.g I let Mark/Bodhi listen to the heart once and my Mum listen once and THATS IT!


Most challenging moment?

Moving back to Adelaide! So we were planning on being in Bali for another 2.5 weeks, however, Mark got wind of two potential cases of Zika Virus in Bali in the last 3 years and he got really nervous. So he bought flights for us out of Bali the very next day. It was pandemonium getting everything packed up and watching Bodhi have to say goodbye to his classmates early. It was really challenging and bittersweet but I understood Marks concern. My Dad made a good point and he said “if you’re not willing to drink one glass of wine during pregnancy, then why even risk the tiniest percentage of Zika.”

Most exciting moment?

FINDING OUT THE GENDER!!! The day we landed in Adelaide, I went to get my Harmony test done and it was VERY exciting. It was supposed to take a minimum of 5 days and up to 2 weeks to get the results back, so we were really surprised when it took less than 5 working days to come back. It’s a GIRL!!!!! Oh my word, after 2 boys and my stepson, it feels pretty foreign to me but oh so exciting! Honestly a dream.

Starting weight?

52kg / 114lbs

Current weight?

52.5kg / 115lbs


Nothing to write home about. Chasing after two kids?


Lots of Adelaide yumminess and plenty of cooking this week; pumpkin soup, Mediterranean pasta, vegan chilli plus we bought a juicer and I’ve been making orange juice with the kids.

Food aversions?

Food not quite tasting as good as usual.


Salted popcorn and LOTS of it!


Mark and I knew that one day we would have a daughter, she just seemed to fit our family. We thought maybe we would adopt a daughter or maybe she would be our biological daughter, either way we thought we certainly would experience having a girl, I just didn’t know it would be now. The boys have been begging for a sister, so it’s been so nice to know how thrilled they’ll be. I had a moment of mourning the 3rd little baby boy I’d hold in my arms, but mostly I just became really excited about having a daughter. Now I’m absolutely curious as to how it will be different to my past experiences. I don’t believe that gender necessarily makes children behave differently. I think it can, but I really believe it all comes down to their individual personality. So now I’m wondering what will she be like, will she love the things I did as a little girl? Will she play the same way the boys do? Will she like the same things they do? It’s beautiful to think about her and wonder who she is, it’s also lovely to call her by her name.