Week 11 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?


How big is the baby?

The size of a fig or 2.5 inches / 6.4cm or 2.5"

What's something new this week?

Mega exhaustion this week. I thought because I was almost out of my first trimester that I was over the tiredness, but this week was a doozy!


Most challenging moment?

The whole family got hit by gastro!! It was a really hard week with Forest, Mark, myself and my mum all coming down with the stomach bug. It started with Forest vomiting in the middle of the night in our bed! Then onto Mark the next day, and then I got struck down the following night. I HATE vomiting, and it was just an awful feeling. I did feel a lot better afterwards though but just incredibly weak. I spent one full day in bed. My mum and Mark took care of Forest the whole day (Bodhi, the unscathed one. was at school). I sipped Gatorade and ate plain crackers. I feel sick just remembering it haha!

Most exciting moment?

Feeling better again!! Two days after the stomach bug I felt much more energetic and able to get up and about and eat again. Immediately, I was back at play dates and zipping the kids all over Adelaide for various fun activities. It’s so funny how much we take our health for granted, and then when we get struck down by something it all comes flooding in to perspective. I can’t imagine how people with chronic fatigue and certain illnesses and pain cope. I just don’t know how they function, what warriors. I was really grateful to get my energy back although I was severely dehydrated for a few days. My lips still haven’t quite recovered.


Starting weight?

52kg / 114lbs

Current weight?

51kg / 112lbs


Nothing at all.


Dried crackers, bananas and slowly started having some avocado toast again. I’ve been trying to have some orange juice to replenish some vitamin C!


Food aversions?

Everything whilst sick!


Salty popcorn again, water!


Feeling grateful for my mum this week. She lives on our property here in Adelaide, and she is always around to help out. Mark has been working all through the night every day trying to get his film finished to send off to a couple of big film festivals. He edits up in one of the rooms near where my mum lives so really we haven’t been seeing him for the past two weeks at all. Single parenting has been the MO and it really it’s exhausting. Thank goodness for my mum as she is always there to help me out in the mornings and at night when we get back home after a day full of adventure (play date after play date) She completely held it down this week and took over and her bond with the boys is absolutely heartwarming. Forest always asks for her first thing in the morning. I know it lights up her life, she loves having a responsibility and just dotes on them. They love her back and there’s nothing sweeter than seeing your own mother, mothering your children and loving them so deeply. Thanks Mum.