6 Tips for Fashionable Busy Moms by Solika

Motherhood is an incredible honor in a women's life where we get to pour our love into another being, but among the many complexities of raising tiny humans, one common thread for all moms is maintaining some semblance of our former selves and prioritizing self-care.

Often the sleepless nights, tight budgets, and constant demand to selflessly tend to the needs of our little ones, means mom's own self care and beauty concerns get knocked to the bottom of the list. 

Style trends are often a sign that 'times they are changing' and this new generation of Xer and Millennial mamas are breaking through old stereotypes and finding alternatives to the top knot and yoga pants look.


Here are 6 Tips for Fashionable Busy Moms to look for:



One fashion cornerstone is evolving past fast fashion to fill your simple wardrobe with a few timeless pieces that are versatile enough to power through your busy day wherever it may lead you. 

Look for designs that are perfect to dress up or down, to take you from playgroup to playdate to date night. A simple dress can be paired with kicks as you run errands and stroll through the park during the day, then glammed up with some heels for evening escapades.



#Momlife can get messy and weekly stops to the dry cleaners just adds to your to-do list. Instead, look for fabrics that are durable, easy to wash and kid friendly. Then next time you're contending with sticky fingers and spit up you can just toss it in the wash and stress less.



With many sensible "motherly" clothing options, it's easy for our wardrobe to turn into a rainbow of taupe, mauve and "blah". Breaking beige can be as simple as adding a pop of color by choosing a bright and bold solid hued handbag, or repurchasing a design you love in a romantic array of colors like Raspberry, Mist, Rose Petal and Classic Black so you can be styled for any occasion.



A blossoming family means a body in constant flux as it weaves in and out of a seemingly eternal maternity. Selecting loose and flowy designs are warm yet airy enough to wear year round and perfect for growing baby bellies. 



An often overlooked fashion essential is to have some storage as you juggle all your baby accessories and family needs. Look for designs that have subtle, but large pockets so you can easily grab keys and small utilities instead of digging through a diaper bag with full hands. 



A big consideration for mama fashion is undressing, whether needing to quick change without a partner to unzip you, or as a nursing mom concerned with her assets being trapped behind fabric. Aside from loose designs that easily pullover, keep in mind dresses and blouses with front button closures/zippers.

Whether you're expecting, a stay at home mama or a mompreneur, these designs tips will help ease your day and satisfy all your maternal and feminine desires. Mamas sacrifice so much for our families, but it's time to take fashion off that list.


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