Week 34 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer

What week?


How big is the baby?

She is about 18 inches (45.7 cm), the size of a savoy cabbage, and weighs around 5 lbs (2.25 kg)

What's something new this week?

I had a scan this week as my antibody came back positive again, but very weakly positive so they wanted to check that everything is alright as a precaution. It was so nice to see her on the screen. Her heart was strong and she looked so massive on the screen, it truly seems like she is running out of room in there! Her head is down in the right place and she is curled up and around my right side. 

Most challenging moment?

I’ve felt a little inundated with work this week! I have an impending deadline for something fun Sarah and I are working on together. It’s really hard to carve out specific time to dedicate to this project with the kids with hubs being away plus a bunch of other responsibilities I have. I’m also launching my business Lovewell in a few weeks, which has kept me really busy. Plus, I have said yes to a bunch of commitments that other people have asked me to participate in this week. I keep preaching about being okay with saying no, but when it comes down to it, I always choose “Yes”!! I vow next week to say No (nicely!). I need to start the process of chilling out and doing less, focusing in on these last weeks of pregnancy and prepping for the birth. 

I also went in for an iron infusion in hospital last Friday, and will have another this Friday. My iron wasn’t too bad but my ferritin level was really low. I’ve been on supplements but with the isoimmunisation and not having a break between breastfeeding kids, I’m struggling to keep my iron levels at a reasonable number so I opted in for the infusion and honestly, I feel GREAT now. It wasn’t just the heat making me tired last week! Lucky my mum has been amazing and has been such a great support the last couple of weeks. 


Most exciting moment?

I’ve been reading about birth prep stuff this week; looking into when to start acupuncture, chiropractic work, evening primrose oils, red raspberry leaf tea and birth prep supplements. I’m going to start with the chiropractor this week at 35 weeks, and then slowly start doing the rest of it for the remaining weeks. I wrote my “birth plan” which is essentially my goal to have an intervention free, natural water birth like I had last time with Forest. I’m also very open to however she decides to come into the world, so I’ve been trying to let go of expectations or comparisons to my previous births and just embrace the way this birth will go down. I’m really in sync with her and I know her patterns. I’m just getting so excited to have her with us so soon!


Starting weight?


Current weight?

63.9kg/141lbs. I’m almost at my finishing weight with Bodhi who came 2 weeks early! I think I finished around 143lbs with him. I’ve noticed the weight gain is slowing down now which is typical for me in the last few weeks of pregnancy!


I haven’t worked out this week! Back at it next week. 



A few less chocolate croissants, a few more green juices. Smashed avocado toast, granola and yoghurt, vegan dumplings and yummy vegan honeycomb for dessert. Veggie pumpkin pizza and garlic bread, plus I’ve been cooking a fair bit and have been eating tofu stir fries and Mediterranean pasta! 

Food aversions?

I’m craving less food! 


Ice waters. The smell of lavender bath salts! 


I’ve been really enjoying my time with the boys, and I’ve been trying to ensure that I’m not letting work stressors take a hold of me. I’ve been putting aside things to just be with them and take time to be interested in what they’re passionate about. We have been playing board games together and reading books. I’ve been really making an effort to be present with them. I’m feeling a little vulnerable about their life changing so much in just a few weeks. I know it’ll be a transition for everyone and I just want them to know how loved they are and how special they are to me, they’re my world and I want them to know that my heart holds enough love for all of them.