Week 24 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?


How big is the baby?

She is the size of an eggplant, 9.2 inches/23.4cm

What's something new this week?

Christmas! Such a nice week. We had the “Baby’s First Christmas” stocking up from Forest 2 years earlier. Santa brought her lots of dresses (ahem someone got a little addicted and couldn’t stop buying dresses!!). The boys all got their favourite things, including Puggles from the Lost Forests which are these little creatures that you “adopt”, it comes with a whole story and the word “Puggle” stands for “Peace, Understanding, Gentleness, Generosity, Love and Energy.” Bodhi has become more than obsessed with them and carries them with him everywhere.  He’s never been one to be into stuffed animals, but these Puggles “are SOOO special Mummy” haha. I grew up with them in Adelaide in the 90’s, although my mum couldn’t afford to get one for me so I always dreamt of having one. The Lost Forest store shut down in the 90’s, but one store just popped up in Melbourne last year. I can’t believe the Lost Forest is back! I love reliving childhood through my kids. Bodhi also got Hex Bugs, a crystal mining kit, bead making machine, glitter glass art, a volcano making kit and walkie talkies. Forest got big trucks, diggers, a wooden work bench and a garbage truck, a racing wheel plus books and a Puggle. Isaac got a drone, a synthesiser, a mixer, headphones, slime kit plus a bunch of books and a hat. Isaac said this morning “this Christmas I got the best gifts I’ve ever had” awe the little things that make me happy!

Summer Christmas always involves water with cousin Jack.

Summer Christmas always involves water with cousin Jack.


Most challenging moment?

Being sick and trying to sleep Christmas Eve. The younger kids were so excited that they had a really restless nights sleep, so all four of us were in the bed which just basically means I have a 2 year old and almost 5 year old sleeping on top of me. I also couldn’t breathe through my nose so I kept feeling panicky and claustrophobic, plus I was going through what I was cooking Christmas Day and hosting duties. My feet have also been getting really sore. I remember this last pregnancy, but I have to just listen to my body more and not push it so much by all the walking/cleaning. I also worked for 6 hours in the beating hot sun on Christmas Eve- a crew of about 8 came to our property to shoot face replacement footage for Ride Like a Girl. Ever seen a pregnant jockey?!? Haha!


Most exciting moment?

Playing the carols and watching the boys open their pressies. I was really excited about what I got Mark- an Apple Watch, face serum, 3 T-shirt’s, a jumper (a sweater in American speak), plus these cool Nike sneakers he was looking at a few week back in Rundle Mall. I secretly snapped him looking at them and hurried him along. Of course I went back and got them. They look amazing on him. Bodhi was so excited the whole time opening presents that he kept yelling out loud “I love you Santa!!!” 

We also got our new car this week. Special thanks to Andrew Taplin for helping us secure the car. It’s a big 3 row vehicle with automatic seats (I seriously love that feature) we needed a three row before baby comes since we will have four kids! Figuring out the car seat configuration has been really fun too. Bodhi is in the back right corner, Forest in the second Row right and P will be next to him in her capsule. That way we still have a spare seat in the far back and one in the second row. One for Isaac one for my mum. Perfect! Until I want another child...

Starting weight?


Current weight?


My weight has been very funny the past couple of weeks, I’ll be 133lbs and then 129lbs the next day and then 132lbs etc. It’s just jumping around the place. I figured perhaps water retention. I checked my weight at this same time with Bodhi and I was 131.4 lbs and with Forest I was 131.5 lbs, so pretty much on par. Today at 25 weeks exactly, I was 131.2lbs! For both boys from 24 - 30 weeks, I bounced back and forth between 130 lbs and 135 lbs. I wonder if the next 5 weeks or so will just be a bit of a pattern of gaining and losing. 143lbs was my finishing weight with Forest and 142lbs was my finishing weight with Bodhi. I think it’ll be somewhere around there with this munchkin plus a few pounds. She feels bigger than the boys. We will see!

image7 2.jpeg


YES! I went to a class called F45 in Adelaide it was AMAZING. I want to go so much while I’m in Adelaide. It’s a really cool concept. Only 45 mins total and 45 seconds of work, then you swap stations and only ever do 2 sets of each thing so they keep switching it up. The trainers gave me modifications like no jumping or anything high impact. I was sweating by the end of it but thoroughly LOVED it. Also just general running around! We went to the river this week too with our friends the Duigans, lots of chasing after babes and some swimming too! 


Hmmmph well more sugar between Forests party and Christmas! Vegan burgers, veggie pizza and garlic bread, pea and quinoa salad, roast veggie salads. Boba teas!! 


Food aversions?

Nothing, although I definitely have been feeling nausea at different times this past week after eating certain foods. I usually just have the breathe through it and I’m okay. 


Umm do material things count? Like the handknitted jumpers we got from the Lobethal Lights, I couldn’t stop thinking about getting some haha!! Also lavender scents have been amazing as have cups of water with ice. It’s started again!



Christmas feels very nostalgic for me each year. Especially Christmas in Adelaide. It’s really all about the magic we get to bring to our kids. Seeing their faces light up.. there’s just no other feeling in the world than seeing your kids so happy. I love it so much. It’s always about family and connection. I know that this time of year can be really hard for some people too. As Santa said in his written response to our boys “be the lovers, the helpers, the ones looking for the sad, lonely and hurting, give them a smile or ask them about their day as they’re the ones that really need your care and connection ” so I’ve spent the past week in quiet moments sending a little extra love to the ones who need it. I hope you all had a beautiful time with your loved ones. Merry Christmas! (Can you believe it’s the end of 2018?!)