Week 23 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer

What week?


How big is the baby?

8.8inches (22.4cm) or about the size of a bunch of grapes.

What's something new this week?

Baby is really starting to establish a sleep/wake routine in my belly. I can predict when she is going to be awake. In the morning hours from about 6:30-8:00, she is bouncing about and then again around 11, I can feel her between 2-3 a lot and then again between 7-9pm. Mark has been feeling her a lot now which is lovely. Sometimes I’ll spoon him in bed just to put her next to his back so he can feel all her kicks. It’s so sweet.


Most challenging moment?

Folly has been a bit grouchy this week because he has been sick. The day of his party he woke up very sad and lethargic. I just had to meet his needs throughout the day and realised that he wanted to be in someone’s arms most of the time and wasn’t interested in interacting with the animals or going on the jumpy castle as he usually is. He ended up spending a lot of the party sitting on my mums lap reading books. He had moments of playing with new toys and wanting to participate but all in all he wasn’t in the mood for a lot of socialisation. Bodhi, on the other hand, was the total opposite, zipping around everywhere life of the party!


Most exciting moment?

Forest’s party was the best part of the week. I always throw epic parties for the boys. There’s nothing I love more than putting on a big show and watching the kids go wild. It had been raining for a few days leading up to the party, so I expected it to rain on his party day, but low and behold the clouds parted, the sun shone, and it was a glorious day. I had a bunch of stations set up: face painting, animals to pat, a blow up castle, a blow up water slide, ride on cars so there was plenty to do and everything got used, which was wonderful.

Starting weight?


Current weight?



Nothing outside of general insane business and moving things around, scrubbing, walking a lot, etc. This week gets quieter for me so I’ll probably try an exercise class with my hubs. Chasing kittens?! 


Tons of junk food sat! Salt and vinegar chips, chocolate, skittles, crumpets, vegan cake/vegan cupcakes!! Eeek but also lots of cherries, blueberries, cucumbers, olives, smashed avocado toasties.


Food aversions?

My appetite has been a bit weird, maybe it’s because my stomach is compressed from the pregnancy and I can’t fit as much food in, but I’m eating less than last week.


Nothing really!


I had surgery this week on my arm and eyebrow. On my arm was just a regular lipoma and on my eyebrow what the surgeon thought was a lipoma, actually turned out not to be and was something else, perhaps a blood clot or aneurysm in the eyebrow, probably due to some trauma I accidentally inflicted upon myself. I found it interesting to be under local anaesthetic and to be able to hear the surgeon have to quickly change plans. What he thought was something very straightforward turned out not to be. The way he kept calm and adjusted accordingly and made sure I wasn’t alarmed was wonderful and so professional. It caught him by surprise but he just went with the flow like any good surgeon does. He just thought on his toes and made different choices to combat the issue. I really took something away from it. It was a great reminder for the things in life that catch you by surprise, how to remain calm, refocus your thoughts and move ahead accordingly. To keep the kids feeling relaxed and flexible makes the days easier, just to go in flow with the natural rhythms of things, even if it means letting go of your expectations. Reminding myself of that as I start thinking about my daughter’s birth.

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