Week 18 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?


How big is the baby?

The size of a sweet potato or 14.2 -16.3cm (5.6 - 6.4 inches)

What's something new this week?

Mark felt baby girl kick for the first time which was just so beautiful. We were watching Making a Murderer 2 (who else is hooked?!) and I could feel her moving around in there so I grabbed Mark’s hand and she gave him a good solid kick. It’s been a fun week with tons of play dates and then being reminded that she is with us by the little kicks has been so joyous. 


Most challenging moment?

I had 2 days of pretty muted movements and I couldn’t help but be slightly anxious, however I listened to her heartbeat and immediately felt better. I’m not used to having an anterior placenta, with the boys at this week I was really feeling them both, so it’s just something to get used to.

Most exciting moment?

Just watching the boys being so in tune with baby girl, it seems when she is awake and moving around, they really want to touch my belly, they’ve been hugging her, singing to her, kissing her. Today at a friend’s house, I saw Bodhi quietly playing with a baby doll in the high chair, he was feeding the baby and stroking its head. I’m getting very excited about having her with us and seeing how the boys embrace her.

Starting weight?


Current weight?




Nothing this week!


Avocado toast, muffins, tempeh, crispy brussels sprouts, vegan pizza, chickpeas, kelp noodle, olive, tomatoes and avocado salad.

Food aversions?

I’m not really wanting sweets right now.


Sushi 😬 (says the vegetarian!) but also popcorn and SO MUCH OF IT!


I’ve been listening to both The Birth Hour and Australian Birth Stories podcasts recently. I LOVE hearing all the different journeys that these amazing women went on to bring their babies earth side. I have decided that I’ll have the boys present at the birth. I was nervous initially as I wasn’t sure how they’d feel seeing me in the birthing zone, but after hearing so many amazing and positive stories of Mama’s having their older children present at birth, Mark and I have decided to have Forest and Bodhi there. We will have our two friends and my mum with us again so we think we will be sorted in terms of ensuring they have people around them to keep an eye on them and be with them if they need anything.