Turn Your Home into Your Zen Zone by Bianca Birgit of WellWorthLiving

In todays modern age, it’s easy to lose touch with the balance that once came with a “simpler” life. This is largely because of the many roles we assume in our day to day life. We are professionals, partners and parents, and within those titles, there is an even wider collection of things we are responsible for. 

So how exactly do we restore balance in the randomness of what is a normal day? Well, we start at home. Considering we start and end every day there, it makes sense to have your home be that Zen zone here you can retreat to amidst all the madness. This is not however always an easy task. If you work from home or have a busy family, there are several factors you’ll need to consider when creating a space where sanity and order reign. Here’s how.



When seeking out Zen, one of the goals is to purge ourselves of unwanted baggage, and the same rule applies to our homes. We need to rid it of that old and stale stuff that's built up in corners and closets. 

Clutter gets in the way for true relaxation. If you know you have a mound of laundry to handle or a massive mess to clean, it dilutes your attention. The best solution is to handle tasks while they are small and manageable. Make young children responsible for helping and cleaning up where possible. Not only does it build thier confidence, but the little bits they do, mean you have a little less to manage yourself.

Make space for the new. This will allow you to embrace minimalist styling in your home that will have your environment feeling fresh and open.

Functional Furniture

Depending on what part of the home you are Zenifying, it needs to be functional. Select simple and clean lines over more ornate furniture pieces. Incorporate materials like wood and natural fabrics to help amplify the feeling of warmth and enjoyment. Make the space easy to live in by having practical coffee or side tables. A place to put down a cup of tea or a book makes using the space effortless and convenient.

Avoid too many ornaments that make the area feel cluttered and get smart when it comes to storage. Daybeds with trundle drawers have become increasingly popular and with good reason, why not get more than just one function out of a piece of furniture. 

For kids bedrooms, bunk beds or trundle beds make great space savers and offer extra storage options. Trundle drawers can even accommodate a twin mattress if you have lots of kids sleepingover or, use it as a toy drawer to hide the large collection of toys that inevitably comes with having kids.

Natural Light


Let as much of the natural daylight, shine into your rooms. If you have blinds or curtains, make sure they can be drawn back to allow the most light in. Mirrors are an affordable and effective tool to not only reflect more light, but to make the space look open and even larger.

By placing mirrors where they catch the reflection of a window with a garden view, you increase the visual volume of the area, making even a small room look spacious and appealing.

When the sun goes down, have candles easily accessible to add warmth and romance to the space.

Introduce Plants & Natural Scents


Not only are house plant beautiful, they have an important function. There is a wide collection of air cleansing plants that thrive in a home, even if you are not blessed with green fingers. They help promote better sleep so can even be incorporated into your bedroom.

They cleanse the stale air in your home and even help remove pollutants. Natural scents like lavender also help you unwind and improved sleep. Relaxing scents can be introduced by burning candles or incense.

Whites and Earth Tones

When you think Zen, the image of flowing white curtains and natural, earthy tones come to mind. Yes, you have the right picture! It’s that feeling of walking into a luxury day spa and knowing there is no place for stress or worries. The sofa is plush and inviting, and you run the risk of never leaving.

A soft palate is calming and inviting. If you are single or a childless couple, this aligns perfectly with your tranquil home, but add kids to the equation and you’ll know that light colors and sticky fingers are a dangerous combination.

You’ll find no peace, chasing a toddler around with wet wipes, in fact, quite the opposite. This, however, does not mean you have to sacrifice a home of beautiful serenity, but you’ll need to invest in couch covers or a collection of throws. 

Incorporate Texture


Wood helps warm a space with its natural charm; soft plush carpeting will have you eagerly kicking off your shoes and down pillows are perfect for reclining deeply into the sofa. Cushions can be covered in anything from cotton to faux fur and throws can be woven or printed with designs that complement the space.  

If you have chosen a calming monochromatic color scheme, you can throw in a more dominant color as an accent. Introduce a hint of that color into accessories or textiles.

Make Space

Instead of having every inch of floor space covered, allow open areas for movement. Imagine an open area where you can unroll your yoga or meditation mat, and take a few minutes every day to stretch and find your inner peace. Less is more.

For families with young children, the open space allows for expression. Children will skip, dance and spin in circles just for the fun of it, and we should too. Allow free movement and feel your heart open up. If space doesn’t allow, add caster wheels to your furniture so you can easily move it out of the way if needed. You can always lock the wheels in place so they don’t roll around when in use.

Minimal Electronics

A television that’s always on or even a phone that constantly buzzes for attention, does not allow us to switch off and find the calm and centering needed at the start and end of each day. Switch them off or place them in another room. 

Electronic devices are one of the main reasons that we battle to switch off and truly be in the moment. Reminders, messages, emails and phone calls keep us tethered to an unrealistic pace of life. 


Turning your home into your own personal Zen zone is about surrounding yourself with what works best for you and your family. If having a Zen home is not on the cards right now, maybe start with your bedroom or bathroom. These can become mini retreats that are just as effective at restoring your energy. 

All the tips above apply to individual spaces too, so if you’re waiting for the kid to be older before investing in areas they regularly inhabit, start small with a room you can more easily control. 

What will your next step be in introducing that taste of Zen in your life? We’d love to know what worked for you.

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