Dear Me by Miriam Karsten

Dear Me,

So here you are on the cusp of motherhood – your greatest adventure yet. You think you’ve done a lot: lived abroad for 8 years, travelled extensively, failed, succeeded, loved and lost, yet nothing, nothing can prepare you for what lies ahead.

As you stare down the barrel of sleepless nights, you’ll soon be thinking back to 4 weeks prior, and a life filled with bedtimes of your choosing, and a casual 8-hour slumber as standard.

Your life will soon be split into Before Kids and After Kids and you’ll be a member of that club of mums that can’t help but laugh at anyone who says they are exhausted when they have no children to show for it.

Soon you’ll take your first 5km car trip that will take 45 minutes and consist of you spending the entire time staring at the back seat.

At times you will wonder that despite having had two businesses, you’ll have no idea what you ever did with ALL. THAT. TIME.

So spend the next 3 weeks enjoying 20 minute showers, clean, blow-dried hair, car trips listening to music of your choice and being able to get in and out of the car in 10 seconds flat to do a completely uninterrupted grocery run.

Be prepared to love someone with such force, it will take your breath away. As your friend said to you once – you think you love your husband until you have kids. You had no idea what she meant at the time.

So enjoy the next few weeks, mama-to-be. Don’t freak out if your to-do list isn’t entirely crossed off. You won’t have time to split your life into convenient excel spreadsheets. Get used to accomplishing everything and nothing, all at the same time. You’ll soon learn to live a life where ‘the days are long and the years are short’ takes on profound new meaning, when life is measured in teeny tiny milestones. Smiles. Burps. Laughs. Steps. Unconditional love.

Be grateful you’ve lived a life so full, this step is a natural progression in the story of your life. And as the next chapter unfolds, remember that everything you are, and everything you’ve done will all help carry you into the greatest role of your life. You’re as prepared as you could ever be when you don’t know quite what it is that awaits, so keep calm and carry on. You’ve got this.

Much love, your optimistic, well-slept, Before Kids self.


Miriam is a step-mama, new mama and the alter ego behind Miss Bunting – a website for those who love parties and entertaining. With over a decade working in PR & Marketing both overseas and Australia, Miriam now lives in Adelaide with her husband, and can be found attempting to grow an organic veggie patch.

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