Week 27 Pregnancy Update & Fitness Vlog by Teresa Palmer


What week:


How big is the baby:

14.5 inches and almost 2lbs/0.9kg, the size of a head of cauliflower!

What’s something new this week:

He seems to have settled in to a sleep/wake routine with me. When I sleep, he sleeps, when I’m awake he is awake. Also I’m starting to get an itchy tummy! So I’ve been religiously rubbing Dragon Mama Baby Bump Balm in to my tummy!

Most challenging moment:

All the travel and work this week promoting Message From The King at The Toronto Film Festival, whilst trying to be as present with Bodhi as possible. There was a lot less sleep this week than usual! I also traded my heels in for flats on the press days because my body was not enjoying walking so much in heels!

Most exciting moment:

Not pregnancy related again, but watching my husbands film he directed called “Flesh and Blood” Sunday night at the screening we had at our house. It’s truly a masterpiece and I haven’t stopped tearing up since. I’m so proud of him! Bumpy was very much enjoying the movie and was doing lots of visible somersaults throughout the screening!

Starting weight:


Current weight:

131.5lbs/59.5kg. Slightly less this week, maybe because of the time zone changes and traveling. I’m now slightly below what I was first pregnancy. 15.5lbs gained so far (7kg)


Nothing too strenuous! I only just got back from traveling yesterday. I did walk a couple of miles per day in Toronto though with Bodhi is the stroller!




Granola with Greek yoghurt and mixed berries. Bounce Protein Bar.


Focaccia with sun dried tomatoes, cheese and arugula. Baked sweet potato fries, vegan nacho cheese dip.


Tomato pasta, arugula and Parmesan salad. Tempeh salad and soba noodles, vegan pizza.


Chocolate Protein Smoothie.

Sweetest Bodhi/Baby moment:

Bodhi has been giving baby massages and lots of kisses. He called the baby his name and told him that he hoped he was warm in there.


Food Aversions:

Cooked fish.


Lavender scented oil, Air Detox spray and Lotus Oil! It’s all very sensory and to do with smell!


I’ve been thinking a lot about Bodhi lately and how bringing a new baby home will affect him. I know it’ll be a big transition for him as it’s just been him and I for so long with such a deep rooted and close connection. I’m sure that there will be a dynamic shift and I have been mourning the idea of losing our little pairing but I do know that it’ll blossom in to something beautiful and special because now it’ll be his sweet little brother joining our tribe, even more to love and more people to adventure with! I am truly excited to see them love on each other.


Here is the Fitness Vlog for the week! With our favorite trainer Jeff. LOVED this workout so much! Remember to listen to your body, take is easy and always check in with the doc before starting an exercise regiment!