Postpartum Vlog Week 9 by Sarah Olsen


What Week? 

9 Weeks Postpartum

How big is baby?

Her cute little legs keep getting chunkier! She is somewhere in the 15 pound range this will be confirmed next week.

Whats something new this week?

Tracking. I see her following us all over the kitchen now with her eyes. I feel like she is starting to see better, and it’s so cute watching her watch her brother run around. She just sits there smiling.


Also my dear friend Lori from @Ivydiamondcole made me a beautiful Esmé ring! I am so in love with it and will cherish it always.


Most challenging moment?

Going to the bathroom in public with two kids. I feel like I am always having some kind of bathroom issue. But trying to go the bathroom in public when you are carting around a baby and a toddler is a bit of a challenge. Funny for sure, but challenging because where do you put your baby? I had to lay her across my lap and Wyatt stood in front of her trying to make her smile. This really makes you feel like a Mom.

Carriers do help in this situation as long as you don’t wear a romper, which on this particular day I did and found it very comical trying to get the carrier off and the romper down.

This one is from  Yoli and Otis

This one is from Yoli and Otis

This one is from Mekishikomx on Etsy

This one is from Mekishikomx on Etsy

Something you loved this week?

One night Wyatt was struggling to sleep. We needed to help him, and started to think he might be getting sick, so we made the decision to bring him in bed with us so we could have him close. He slept in the middle of us and Esmé slept in the bassinet for most of the night and then at some point I brought her in bed with me as well. She slept right on my chest, and in the morning as I woke up, I opened my eyes to Wyatt’s face right in front of mine and he said, “Her paci fell out, so I put it back in Mama.” I could have cried, I’m actually choked up thinking about it. He was so sweet and tender and it just made me happy he was taking care of her in his sweet way. I love being surrounded by my babies.


Mama time? 

I usually take some time for myself in the mornings after I drop Wyatt at preschool to work or write.


This week there was a day when during Wyatt’s nap Esmé fell asleep as well. I was laying in my bed with her and looked over at my nightstand and saw four books I have been wanting to read. I picked one up and started reading and it felt so good. I miss getting lost in a book, and it’s hard to find time for reading now with two, but it felt like some productive “mama time” to even get in 40 pages of a book.


What am I eating?

I love having a beer sometimes at night. They say it helps with milk production, but it also tastes pretty yummy. Im a big IPA girl. I am craving Sunny side up eggs with toast and avocado lately. It has been a delicious breakfast.


My body

My last week of Birthfit!! Best workout, I have never felt so good, and the thing I really love about this workout is that I can take it home and do things on my own. The jumpstart and strength this has given me, has made me feel amazing.


Checking in.

I am feeling great this week. Working out has been so good for me mentally and physically. I’m excited to get back to the group workouts that we do with family and friends on Sundays.

In “Mommy and Me” we started discussing “Postpartum Anxiety.” I had never heard this term before. I always thought the crazy fears I had after giving birth were just me being overly worried. Some nights during my first postpartum period these feelings were almost crippling. I now realize during my postpartum period with Wyatt I absolutely suffered from “postpartum anxiety.” I had fears about something happening to us, or him, or very strange specific things I would cook up in my head and they were keeping me up all hours of the night. I remember hating it when the sun started going down because I knew I would start feeling afraid. The night time was always scarier to me because it was harder to get a hold of a doctor or a friend for help if something were to go wrong and I would need advice.
I am not experiencing postpartum anxiety this time around, and maybe that’s why its easier for me to see the difference. If you want to read more about it, here is a link to an article on .