Week 32 Pregnancy Update & Fitness Vlog by Teresa Palmer


What week:


How big is the baby:

Well apparently our little guy is weighing approximately 4.5 lbs/2.04kg already (we had a scan!) typically babies this age are around 3.75lbs/1.7kg and 16.7 inches. Usually the size of a Bento Box! They say you gain around 1.5lbs/0.68kg each week until the end of pregnancy so that puts him around 8.5lbs/3.8kg at week 40. Bodhi was 8lbs/3.6kg 9 days early. So I wonder if they’ll be about the same size!

Me and my friend Michelle who is also pregnant with her 2nd baby, she is due 2 months after me! 

Me and my friend Michelle who is also pregnant with her 2nd baby, she is due 2 months after me! 

What’s something new this week:

We got to see him at our 32 week scan, he was so sweet and kept his hand up by his face so we didn’t get many good photos of him but he was kicking and moving a lot. At our scan the doctor said that he could rule out Placenta Previa which is fantastic as it means that I will still be able to try for a natural birth. When Placenta Previa (when the Placenta covers or is very close to the cervix) is present your only option is to have a cesarean section. He also mentioned that he is measuring a week ahead which is of course just an estimate but Bodhi came 9 days early so perhaps this babe will come at a similar time.

Most challenging moment:

This week we flew to Sydney, Australia for 4 days (I’m still here!) to promote Hacksaw Ridge, the premiere was so fun, my whole family flew out from Adelaide to attend the premiere. The following day I was really exhausted and the jet lag was kicking my butt! I had a full televised press day scheduled and about an hour in to it I ended up kicking off my heels, going barefoot & crossed legged for all the rest of the interviews! The journalists certainly got a kick out of it!


Most exciting moment:

The reception to Hacksaw Ridge was so exciting, we received another standing ovation at the premiere and to see my family really enjoying themselves made me feel so contented. The baby was moving so much during all the battle sequences, Mark kept leaning over and telling the belly that he was safe and okay, it was pretty sweet!


Starting weight:


Current weight:

136.6lbs/ 62kg


My training session with Jeff was all I got in this week, but I did walk a lot this week in Sydney and I would always make a point of pushing Bodhi in the pram up the hills myself even when everyone kept trying to take over. I truthfully spent most of my down time in pj’s snuggling with my boy.



Bircher Muesli, Orange Juice, Hash Browns, Salmon, Smashed Avocado Toast.

Vegan Banana bread, Choc Protein Smoothie, Organic Sea Salt popcorn.

Kelp noodle Pad Thai, Pumpkin Salad, Kale salad, Veggie Burger, Sweet Potato Fries.

Shrimp Dumplings, Miso Cod, Vegetarian Pizza.


Sweetest Bodhi/Baby moment:

When we were swinging on the swings at the park Bodhi kept asking the baby if he thought it was too high for him or if he was having fun. He asked baby to slide down the slippery dip with him too, I can’t handle how sweet it is!


Every day after pre-school the parents of the children in the class receives an email with pictures and an update of the days adventures. This week we got the SWEETEST email; “Bodhi, Atticus, Louis, and Hasey spent quite a bit of time inside the cube taking care of babies. Bodhi was concerned that the room was too noisy for his baby and so he said “shh” to the friends when they were too loud.”

The picture of Bodhi and his baby from preschool. 

The picture of Bodhi and his baby from preschool. 

Food Aversions:

Potato chips and super sugary things!


Boba Tea! I’m really feeling it right now haha. Also the crunching ice thing is nuts! I’ve been doing that a ton, I get really pumped to crunch ice and use any excuse I can fine to order a cup of ice. An awesome reader suggested it could be a sign of anemia and guess what?! They were right! I have slight anemia (low iron) according to a recent blood test and low Vitamin D so I’ve been spending tons of time in the sun as well as taking iron supplements.


So I’ve been thinking about the type of birth I want. I really enjoyed my birth with Bodhi, although it was completely different than I imagined! I will be sharing his birth story in a couple of weeks.

Here is what I’m focusing on this time round; Laboring at home for as long as possible with Mark and Kat Mason my best friend and acting doula. Kat is my best friend of 23 years, she is also a paramedic, has delivered a baby before AND just gave birth herself earlier in the year, so that makes me feel extra comforted. I’ll also most likely have Gemma Pranita my friend and birth photographer come to our house at this point. I’m already working on a playlist and have written out a Top 10 Natural Pain Relief Remedies During Labor list that I know will be helpful to me (I will publish this list soon), this includes cold flannels with essential oils (lavender, llang llang and eucalyptus mainly) crushed ice, low lighting, exercise ball plus labouring in the shower and bath. Kat is also ordering me a TENS machine.

During labor at home with Bodhi, Mark documenting away! 

During labor at home with Bodhi, Mark documenting away! 

After laboring at home I will transfer to the hospital to birth at the hospital with my midwife. I chose to birth in a hospital using the Midwifery Program that many cities in Australia offers. It means I only have a Midwife or two in the room and the whole floor is just run by Midwife’s, which I love as it lowers the rate of unnecessary interventions. I had a slight complication post birth with my placenta after Bodhi was born which is why I chose a hospital birth over a home birth this time round. It gives me the confidence to know that if anything at all goes wrong or the same issue arises then I’m right there in a hospital setting and a doctor is only a floor away! This program also offers the opportunity to have a water birth which has always been a dream of mine, I was unable to do that with Bodhi last time and I would love to experience that this time if it feels right in the moment. It’s quite rare that a woman is allowed to have a water birth in a hospital so I was really excited to know that this program allows for that. Kat my doula (and paramedic best friend) just had a water birth earlier this year using this program and highly recommended it to me. So I’m looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds and I’m feeling calm and prepared as the weeks fly by. I’m truly open to whatever way this baby wants to come Earth side so I will welcome with open arms whatever experience we end up having.

This week Jeff put me through a great workout, I love that the exercises are being adapted for my growing belly. This video is my favorite one yet, because Bodhi really commits to this workout! His huffing and puffing is too freaking cute! Enjoy this week and remember Jeff is now doing Skype training sessions and writing up workouts for you amazing Mama’s out there. For more information email him jeffrscarborough@gmail.com you can follow him here @la_mindset

Remember when you’re starting an exercise regiment whilst pregnant to check in with your doctor first, listen to your body and take it easy!