Week 32 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What Week?


how big is baby?

She is approximately 18 inches (45.7 cm) and the size of a pomelo! She weighs around four pounds (1.8 kg)


What's something new this week?

The Fringe festival started this week in Adelaide, and despite the hectic week of party planning and setting up, Mark and I went opening weekend both days to see shows with the kids and our friends. Adelaide just comes alive during the Fringe and the Garden of Unearthly Delights is opposite my parents house, so we can use that as a base and just walk over and eat amazing food, listen to great music and let the kids go on the rides. You just find a spot on the grass and the kids run around and you get to enjoy amazing food. Music and such a vibrant and electric energy. It’s the most artistic and creative space with so many incredible performers. There’s really nothing like being in Adelaide during the Fringe. I’m so excited that’s it’s on for another 4 weeks! 


Most challenging moment?

I have had some evenings of major physical fatigue, feet hurting like hell and at the end of the day I’m hobbling around like I’m 50 weeks pregnant. I’m that person that always takes on too much and on Saturday, after the full day of Bodhi’s birthday party, I decided to take the kids and Mark to the Fringe opening (instead of taking a breather haha!), but at 10pm that night, I was utterly exhausted. There was also just so much manual labour for the party, lugging things up the hill to the forest for the set up, building a pathway for guests to follow to the forest, finding rocks to line the pathway and placing each one down in the crazy heat. I was determined to get it all done, so I just pushed through and figured I’d rest once the party was done, which is what I’m attempting to do these next couple of days. Then, I’ll jump into working on Lovewell, my new business with my friend Chrissy, and tackle some unanswered emails! I’m very behind, but Mark is in LA for the next 2.5 weeks so I’ll actually use this time while the kids are at school and ELC to get on top of some things I have to tackle. 


Most exciting moment?

Bodhi’s party was absolutely incredible. It all turned out to be more magical than we thought. I’m one of those people that has an idea, and then I just build on it and build on it. Once I started, I couldn’t stop! I just followed my imagination and put myself back into the mind of my own 5 year old self. Mark and I also decided that 5 is a big birthday party and wanted to go all out. The goal was to create an environment which truly felt like magic for all the children. Bodhi is really tapped into all things enchanted and whimsical right now, so we wanted to take that passion and turn his imagination into reality. We have the perfect spot on our property, and once I started turning it into an enchanted forest, more ideas started to flow. We worked solidly for 4 days, putting in the effort to turn it into what we envisioned. Even my Mum got in on the action, decorating trees and helping me make hidden paths.


We also knew that once the party was over, that the forest will forever stay magical and that we would keep all the fairy and gnome houses plus the faces on the trees so that the kids always have that special place to go and let their imagination run wild. I’m so grateful to Mark that he let me run with this idea and put up with my nagging to get things finished! He pulled off the most epic treasure hunt all over our property. Bodhi’s friends were all still talking about the party on Monday at school, and we got loads of texts from parents about how much their children enjoyed it. Nothing makes me happier to know that they all experienced a bit of magic and especially knowing that Bodhi had, in his words “the best day of my entire existence!!

image7 2.jpeg

Starting weight?


Current weight?




SO much. One F45 class this week, but then tons of physical activity getting the party ready. I spent hours on my feet, digging holes and raking leaves, building stairs and rigging vines. Non stop for 4 days, plus the day of the party. My body is truly spent! 


I chilled out on the daily chocolate croissants this week, but I’ve still been very much enjoying chocolate smoothies, smashed avocados, vegan dumplings, cinnamon donuts and tons of the awesome party food. 


Food aversions?

None really, I’m having snacks plus two main meals rather than 3 right now. 


Still just ice water and my daily me-time of having a relaxing bath with lavender salts! I look forward to this time every day (I’m in the bath right now!).



Today, I’m almost 33 weeks pregnant which means around 7 weeks until she is earth side. Last night I lay in bed and I asked Bodhi how he feels about sharing mummy again. I talked about how when Forest came along he found it hard to share me for the first few months, and then he really loved it. He told me “I love you so much and so I know I’ll love her because she is like you and she can just come with us when we are together, so it won’t even really feel like sharing!” It was just so positive, thoughtful and mature of him. I know it’s always an adjustment for the other kids when a new sibling joins the family dynamic, and to hear his sentiments on it was reassuring, but also so moving. Forest on the other hand... we will see how he handles it! I’m hoping because he has such a deeply connected relationship with Bodhi that perhaps he won’t feel such a transition, but I’m open and prepared for all the big feelings that come up, including my own!