Week 31 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What Week?


how big is baby?

About 17 ½ inches (44.5 cm) tall, the size of a head of lettuce, and she weighs around 3 ½ lbs (1.6 kg)

What's something new this week?

I’m starting to get that pelvic pain you get later in pregnancy. I think I felt her move further down a few days ago, and then sure enough my pelvis has started aching. I’m definitely a hobbling preggo this week!
I also spent the week grabbing bits and pieces for Bodhi’s “enchanted forest” birthday party which we are throwing on Saturday and the boys started Cirkidz which they LOVED! Gymnastics and circus for children!


Most challenging moment?

At the very start of the week last Monday, we said goodbye to the kids for two nights for our first trip away from them. I meticulously planned everything for the grandparents! My mum slept in our bedroom with the kids, and would have them from 7pm until 8am both days, help get them ready for school then we borrowed our friends babysitter to drive the boys to school/ELC both mornings (my mum doesn’t like driving on the freeway with the kids in the car!). After school, the kids were picked up by my stepmum and my dad (their grandma and grandpa) for a train ride, ice cream, dinner, books, bath and teeth brushing, then they’d drive them back up the freeway and drop them off to my Mum!


All food was pre packed for the 2 school days with labels, outfits laid out, etc. It was super organized, so I just didn’t have to worry when we were away. Of course, when I said goodbye, I jumped back in my car and starting sobbing! It’s so funny how it is leaving them, they’re just so important to us that you can’t help but worry when you’re away. The idea of not seeing their faces in the morning made me so sad. Mark and I are both so attached to them and adore being with them each day that even 2 days away felt like an eternity, although I will say it was just so special to have much needed one on one time with Mark. We rarely have time to just be with each other so it was great. The kids of course had a BLAST and hardly even noticed we were gone, they were having such a fun and special time with their grandparents. It was lovely to see how happy it made them being with my parents.

Most exciting moment?

My Aussie baby shower which was so very sweet! It’s so funny because I started out this pregnancy not wanting any baby showers or sprinkles, given it was my third baby and also just knowing that I was going to have everything I need for her anyway. Then, three groups of different friends threw me a baby shower, haha! I have to say I really enjoyed myself, even if just for the excuse to have all the people I love in the one place. My Aussie shower was thrown by one of my best friends, Chrissy, and we ate brunch at a gorgeous little vegan spot nearby the kids school called Sukha, we all had such a wonderful time together. It was very quaint, just eight of us, perfect, intimate and relaxed.  This week, I also found out that two of my close friends are expecting babies with a very, very close due date to each other! It’s absolutely so special and exciting and there’s nothing more I love more than having kids at the same time as my friends and watching them all grow up alongside each other.

Starting weight?


Current weight?

63kg/138.8lbs. More weight fluctuations this week, 140lbs down to 138, now closer to 139lbs. I’m slightly heavier this week compared to where I was at with the past two babies. My body shape is different carrying a girl too, I’m much more bootylicious, which Mark has been loving, haha!


My favourite F45 happened again this week, and I’ll probably go another couple of times this week too. Really, really enjoying it.


Chocolate croissants for the win! Smashed avocado toasts, chocolate protein shakes, green juices, vegan waffles, chia seed pudding, popcorn, vegan honeycomb, pizza and the MOST amazing vegan food at the DAVID Jones AW19 launch in Tassie. Seriously, some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. Chrissy also taught me how to do a “Tim Tam Slam” (below!) which was so delicious, even if I didn’t get it quite right! 

Food aversions?

I’ve been skipping lunch actually and having a big brunch. I think having less space in there means I’m getting fuller quicker, so food hasn’t been nearly as exciting.


Ice water & chocolate croissants!



Getting close now! As of today, I’m almost 8 weeks away from the “due” date. I talked through our birth plan with Mark last night, just the logistics of the kids and who is going to be there, what we do if we go early and Izy is still in town (he hates seeing blood and doesn’t want to attend the birth!). We discussed our doula and birth photographer situation. We are using Gemma Pranita, but she has a commitment 4 days past my due date so I’m hoping I don’t go late, otherwise we’ve figured out a backup photographer. It’s exciting to discuss it all! Mark’s main focus is making sure I get in the car early enough this time (last birth I hardly made it to the hospital, see Forest’s birth story). I have been really enjoying taking my daily bath, and checking in with our girl and listening to birth stories and talking to her about what’s to come. She is apparently head down and I felt her drop further down the other day, getting into position nice and early. I just can’t wait to hold her in my arms and praying that everything goes smoothly and safely.