Postpartum and Pilates by Teresa Palmer


Hi, guys!

I’ve finished my postpartum series, and I’m so excited to be at the point where I feel ready to slowly transition into getting my health and fitness back on track. There is no one else I could think of that I’d rather work with on this journey than the incredible Meghan Pickrell from Mind and Motion; a holistic pilates studio based in LA. 

I wanted to ease myself back in with Pilates because it really is both mind and body, and a beautiful practice to strengthen both after birth. What I love about Meghan and Mind and Motion is that it’s exactly what it says it is: holistic. Meghan’s philosophy is mind, body and soul, and engaging all three aspects. Meghan’s approach is to help clients cultivate wellness by blending classic pilates with dynamic freeform movement, and it really is such a beautiful philosophy. I also love that Meghan really focuses on the mind-body dialogue and teaches women to really change the self talk around loving their bodies, this is especially important when it comes to postpartum exercise and not just loving your body after birth, but being gentle with yourself on your postpartum fitness journey. 

I’m really excited to share this video with you and for you to get to know the beautiful Meghan and the Mind and Motion approach. 

Tez xx