Folks We Love with Talia Moore | co-founder, Tummy Thyme


Who is in your family?

My husband Jonathan (Jono), our daughter Mayani, and our dog Oliver


Where are you from?

I was born in Melbourne, Australia


How old are your kiddos?

Mayani is 3.5



I am a childbirth educator, birth doula and the co-founder of Tummy Thyme; a handmade, organic baby and toddler food company based in Los Angeles.


How did Tummy Thyme come to be?

When Mayani started on solids, I was disheartened by most of the commercially-available, shelf stable foods, so I started preparing my own.  My friends at one of the Mommy and Me groups we attended were intrigued by the food I was making for Mayani.  Eventually, they asked if I would make food for their children as well, and this morphed into a cottage industry we created from our home. We would collect produce from the farmers market and spend the week cooking and freezing the food. On Sundays our home would be filled with families coming to collect their food for the week.  Eventually our little cottage business grew out of our kitchen and we made the decision to form an LLC, and we moved into our commercial facility.


What were your biggest initial hurdles starting this business?

This was a business born out of chance.  We had to learn how to run a business that took off before we were ready.  When we formed the LLC, we did not have any money put aside to launch a business. We both worked multiple jobs during the first couple of years of the business to make ends meet, while trying to move the business forward.  With no budget for advertising, we had to rely on word of mouth.  Traveling around to Mommy and Me groups offering samples and sharing information on the Introduction of Solids has been a huge marketing tool for us. We also decided to approach the Studio City Farmers Market, as this seemed like the best way to get the word out. This turned out to be one of the most amazing avenues to meet our customers face to face, while receiving constant feedback on what is working and not working.  The result of that was also that we developed two new product lines; the ready-to-serve range and the toddler line.


How have things changed with your partner since you became parents?

I don’t think I could have imagined how much fun we would have co-parenting. There have certainly been challenges, especially when you're both tired and stressed, but we found that the foundations we built as a couple (we had been together for 13 years before having a baby) have been strong enough to support us as parents.  And I love watching Jono interact with Mayani, I have developed a much greater respect for him.  He is so kind and gentle and present with her.  


What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

We love to eat! Most of our family celebrations and outings are centered around delicious food and great company.


What are you reading?

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle


Where do you feel most inspired?

When I am in nature.  It pulls me out of thinking about the minutia. I often get my best ideas when I am going for a walk.


What does femininity mean to you and how does it come into play with your line? 

To me, femininity means an insurmountable amount of strength and power.  Having had the privilege to support women during childbirth, there is no greater embodiment of these two characteristics.


What’s the most challenging part about being a mom?

Finding balance. I feel like I am constantly searching for the right balance of quality time with my daughter and family, tending to the needs of the business and still having some moments to myself.


What do the day to day operations look like for you?

We are in production most days of the week, so my time is split between the office and our commercial facility. My absolute favorite day of the work week is Sunday as we are a vendor at the Studio City Farmers Market, and I love to catch up with our customers and be among the market hustle and bustle.


What does self-care mean and look like for you?  What do you do for yourself?

I am honestly working on this one!  In my imagination, self-care means regular massages and facials.  In reality, it is finding 5-10 minutes a day to sit quietly with myself and meditate.


What makes you feel sustained?

Sleep.  I find if I am not getting enough rest, life feels more challenging.  When I am well rested, I am able to manage my stress more easily and feel better prepared to take on the day.


What advice do you have for new mothers?

There is a real misconception that the moment you birth your child you will fall madly in love with your baby and you should thrive in this new role as a mother.  Many mothers don’t feel that way, but don’t feel that it is acceptable to admit that.  In fact, falling in love with your baby is like falling in love with a partner. For some people it is love at first sight, and for others it is a friendship that turns into a love affair.  My advice is to be kind to yourself and to ask for support if you need it (or even better - before you need it).


What is the best advice you have ever received?

To believe in myself


What are 4 things you can't live without?

My family

My friends

Good food


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