Week 3 Post Partum Vlog by Teresa Palmer


What week


How big is baby 

9lb 2oz as per my home scales!

What’s something new this week 

A natural nighttime sleep routine! Last week, Poet had flipped nights and days for the beginning of the week (ooof that was hard!) and the second half of the week she had started figuring out that night time is for sleeping. This week she has built on that. We start in the Snoo around 9:30pm, I’ll do a dream feed and a nappy change about 10:30pm and then she wakes at 1:30am comes into our bed to nurse and another nappy change, sleeps again until 6am and has another feed and nappy change and then sleeps in until about 8am. It’s been glorious having some nice chunks of sleeping. My mum has been sleeping in Forest’s room while Bodhi has been away in NY which has been soooo nice because she gets up with Forest at 6am, gets him ready for the day and I get to sleep in with Poet. It’s been really helpful and I’m feeling quite rested.


Most challenging moment 

Definitely the very beginning of the week, saying goodbye to Mark and Bodhi. I’ve never been away from Bodhi for longer than a couple of days, and it was horrible to have to say goodbye. My mind wandered to all the nasty “what if” scenarios. I’ve been missing Bodhi a lot this week and I’ve also been sad without Mark here, however, I have made the most of it and I’ve managed to get a lot of work done so that’s been the upside of being on my own with the two little’s.

Another challenging aspect of this week was Poet’s nappy rash, despite using the very best and most gentle nappies on the market, Bambo Nature, with the purest ingredients and certified free of all the nasties (just a note; I do not work with them in any way at all, never have before and I purchase the nappies myself etc). I’ve done a bunch of research and have come to learn that they’re the best on the market but alas, STILL she has nappy rash. I think she just has super sensitive skin and she is peeing and pooping like no tomorrow (this girl is a mega nurser!). I ended up changing my shall-remain-nameless organic and eco wipes over to Water Wipes to see if that made a difference, but the rash had already gotten bad at that point. I tried Baby Organics Cornstarch Powder and another organic cream to treat the rash but it didn’t budge and I could tell it was really bothering her. So I amended my “only natural at all times rule” and went straight to Sudocrem for 3 days to heal the rash and whilst I am hoping I won’t need to use it again, in some cases just going in and using the one that isn’t as pure as you’d like is sometimes the quickest way to find comfort for baby. I’m now using the cornstarch powder for prevention and so far, so good!


Favourite moments 

It’s been really so sweet having Forest all to myself this week. We have had such a connected week and spent so much time together. Forest and “sissy” have really bonded this week too, he’s been bringing her blankets and toys, stroking her head and checking in on her. At night when Forest has his one nursing time down to sleep, he asks that sissy cuddles with us too. He will fall asleep with his arm around her or cupping her head. It just melts me. Here I was worried about him being jealous and it’s been the complete opposite experience.

Mama time

Forest went to ELC 2 days this week as I had a writing deadline. I was able to get a bunch of work done and also listen to a podcast that was riveting. It’s called Uncover; escaping NXIVM holy moly it was intense but so fascinating. I would listen to that on the way down to pick him up and various other times after the kids were asleep. Usually, I’m up chatting to Mark, but having these nights to myself means I’m actually getting plenty of mama time.  Also, my Dad and Stepmum had Poet for 45 mins while I walked down and did a bit of shopping close to their house. It felt so weird not having a child with me, but really lovely knowing they were getting time with just her.


my body

Is feeling fantastic. I forgot to write about this section last week! I’m still bleeding a little bit which is longer than I was with Forest’s birth. I don’t feel like I’ve just given birth, I feel very healed and back to normal, obviously my body still looks different from pre-pregnancy, but I love it’s changes. I feel really strong and capable and keep reminding myself how incredible the female body is to grow and birth babies, so I’m grateful to my body and in awe of what it’s achieved. I also love seeing my wobbly linea nigra - it’s so dark! My breasts are perhaps the biggest they’ve ever been, they’re mega! I’m sure they’ll calm down over the next couple of months, but I’m going to need to buy a whole heap of new bras at this rate or borrow my mums haha!


What am I eating 

I’ve been eating a ton healthier than during my pregnancy! Green juices and my daily Lovewell shake (I almost didn’t include this as I didn’t want to look like I’m plugging my own product, but it’s actually the one consistent thing I have every single morning). We are just starting to send the packages out to those who have ordered, so I sent myself one as I really am craving nutrients and healthy things, plus I love chocolate smoothies and got to create my perfect one, so there you have it! I’ve also been eating a ton of vegan sushi from a new place we have discovered in the Adelaide hills. I’ve also cut out dairy this week as I thought maybe it would help Poet’s skin. Our kitchen is finally complete (aside from some painting touch ups!). Yahooo! This means I’ve been cooking things like potatoes, tofu and crispy onions, Mediterranean pasta, and broccoli with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top yummm!


What’s working

Ummm having my mum around all the time!! I could get used to this! But seriously, what an amazing help she has been. I’m so very lucky to have her staying with me since Mark has been away. Forest and her have the most amazing bond too, it just fills my heart up. Mum is sleeping in Isaac’s bed in the kids room right now and Forest wakes up in the middle of the night to curl up alongside her with grunts of “move over Nanna!” We laugh about it in the morning, but boy has she been a godsend. Is it crazy to say she has almost been better help than Mark?! No, I am kidding! But it’s almost on par, she is just so available and loves every moment of it. If she goes out at all, she rushes home to be with us. I see her face light up when she walks back in the door and is greeted by them. Being their Nanna has really given her have a new lease on life, it’s the healthiest and the best I’ve ever seen her. She seems ten years younger (ironic because I look about 10 years older haha!). Mum is just so happy and has a real spring in her step and that makes me the happiest too.


checking in 

What a lovely week it’s been. Poet is really chubbing up now, her cheeks are really full and she is just so beautiful to be around. She reminds me so much of baby Bodhi. I wake up every morning SO excited to see her little face. I get butterflies and a total rush when I’m around her, I still have moments where it doesn’t feel real. I love staring in to her eyes when she nurses, it’s feels like this otherworldly connection where it’s just her and I and no one else in the world in those moments. She never wants to leave my arms, she is the one of the three of them that can’t ever be put down! Thank God I got better at baby wrapping this week, I’ve been using all the carriers! She is so soothed by my voice and my touch, it’s just so meaningful to be building such a sacred bond together.

Oh and the smiles!! We’ve seen more and more of them this week, just divine and I don’t care what anyone says, it’s not gas!! We will really try to get her to smile and when she gives us one it’s just heart melting. I even filmed a little laugh this week, short but sweet. I can’t believe these days are going so fast. I just want time to slow down so we can stay here a little longer, but watching her change before my eyes, morning by morning, noticing the little differences here and there is just mind blowing to experience. I’m just very happy, we are in a blissed out kind of state right now. Loving my family and just feeling an abundance of gratitude.