Week 38 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?


How big is the baby?

She is close to 7 pounds (3.2 kg) and is probably over 19 ½ (49.5 cm) inches tall! Around the size of a spaghetti squash.

What's something new this week?

Izy, my stepson, has been here this week and it’s been really nice having the full gang back together. He is such a beautiful boy, so smart and bright. He is sensational with the little boys who just adore him and really look up to him. I can tell how much he is enjoying being here. He leaves Sunday, a few days before my due date, and we are all hoping she comes a bit early so he can be here for the birth!


Most challenging moment?

This week has been great as it’s been my “maternity leave” week. I’m still working hard on launching Lovewell with Chrissy, but I’ve been able to do a lot of stuff from home while I oversee the renovations at home. I’m feeling much more prepared for the birth and not nearly as stressed out as previous weeks. So there hasn’t been many challenges this week, although the waddle walk is very real!! 

Most exciting moment?

I wrote an epic birth plan email and sent it to all the people involved in logistics of kid wrangling, being a part of my birthing team and taking photos at the birth. It was LONG and had all the numbers of everybody as well as what the plan of attack is with kids and school drop off, sitter for Isaac and for our birth photographer Gemma’s daughter etc. I also wrote suggestions on helping me through the birth. Things to remind me of, make sure I’m drinking water, going to the bathroom frequently because both dehydration and a full bladder can make contractions much harder to navigate. We have one plan for middle of the night delivery and another for day time delivery in terms of kids and their care. Writing it out made it all feel very real. This week Mark and I are doing the birth centre run TWICE! Plus, I’m washing the car seat, cleaning out the car so it’s fresh and sand free (seriously my kids take off their shoes and dump a pound of sand in the car everyday after school). I’m also going to wash the wicker baby basket mattress and blanket and pick up the Tens Machine just in case I have any back labour. With my Braxton Hicks contractions I’ve been having some light back pain so I’ve hired the Tens Machine just in case.


Next Monday will be 2 days before my due and the day my midwife gets back and is able to be with me for birth, so that day I’m ramping up all the things I’ve currently been doing as well as getting a stretch-n-sweep, doing labour induction acupuncture and starting the clary sage oil. Julie, my midwife, wanted me to hold off on Clary Sage until she is back. I think I mentioned in an earlier blog post that she doesn’t want me to go over my due date by many days because of my isoimmunisation pregnancy and the recent positive test result I got. So I’m channelling Mon - Thursday of next week for baby arrival! Bodhi is adamant I come along to his very first sports day in 10 days. I don’t know how that’s going to happen, but I certainly know that he doesn’t want to miss it, so I just hope that isn’t labour day!


Starting weight?


Current weight?



I went bike riding this weekend with the guys.  We took the boys to a BMX track in the city and Bodhi did so well going over all the jumps. He didn’t want to stop, and it was only his second time riding without training wheels. Mark and I were so proud of him. I had Forest on the front of my bike but could only manage a couple of laps each time before switching out with Mark. The seat was uncomfortable and I was getting really puffed out! It was such a fun afternoon though and definitely one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon with my family. 



Chocolate croissants, smashed avocado, sundried tomatoes, olives and pesto focaccia, avocado hand roll, vegetarian pizza, garlic bread, pear salads, buffalo tofu pieces.

Food aversions?



Nothing to write home about this week. 


It’s been such a beautiful week focused on family and being together. Mark has really been holding it down with the school drops off so I can relax more. I’ve been spending so much time in the sun, outdoors and just thinking about this little girl coming into the world. She also doesn’t let me forget about her during the day because her movements are so strong! It’s crazy seeing her foot roll around in there. 


The small victories this week of both boys sleeping in their own bed throughout the night has been cause for celebration. Forest wakes up really happy in the morning and waddles over to our room, knocks so gently, and asks if we can take him to the toilet! Little dreamboat. Nesting has also really kicked in now, but at a softer, more calming pace. We have been out buying new crockery for our almost finished kitchen, making piles of kitchen stuff to give away to those who need it and sorting through the boys toys which they have been loving helping me do too. I’ve also enjoyed spending time with Izy when the little boys are at school and playing old school Nintendo with him and having long chats and listening to all the cool music he finds and gets excited about. It’s all these little moments that I’m treasuring, just being with each other during this really special time. I really think it’s the happiest I’ve been. I feel so at home.

P.S. These insanely special black and white photos of me, the boys and bumpy are some of the pictures done by Melissa Jean Babies. We are in awe at her photography, such meaningful captures.