Week 37 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?


How big is the baby?

She is somewhere over 6 pounds (2.7 kg) and about 19 inches (48.3 cm) tall and the size of a honeydew melon! 

What's something new this week?

The boys’ new bedroom! It’s finally finished and it looks amazing. They slept in there for the first time last night and holy smokes we didn’t hear a PEEP from them and they both slept in! We actually can’t believe it! It certainly wasn’t how we thought the first night would go. It’s funny thinking we will officially have about 2 weeks or so of having a room to ourselves before baby comes haha! This is actually the first time since having kids that we have actually been the only two people in our room (and bed!).


Most challenging moment?

In the lead up to the launch of my new business venture Lovewell that I’m doing with my girlfriend Chrissy Duigan (follow us on Instagram!). There has been a lot of work to do in regards to logistics, setting up websites, writing blog posts, managing social media, approving designs, PR strategy, etc. I get into these workaholic modes and I’ll be inspired to just keep going and not stop. So, I’ve had a couple of nights of being wide awake at 5 am thinking about different areas to work on. I’m definitely having a hard time quieting my mind. On the plus side, Mark is home and has been carrying half the load with school pick ups and drop offs, so I’ve had more time at the house without having to do the 45 minute commute 2 times a day. 


Most exciting moment?

Bodhi learnt to ride his bike without training wheels! I’ve been meaning to teach him for the longest time and finally we decided to spend Sunday afternoon teaching him, little did we know he was more than ready to do it and just took off within 5 minutes of Mark giving him the low down. We were so proud of his willingness to be brave! He did remarkably well and we ended up going on a 20 minute family bike ride, it was as if Bodhi had been riding forever. It was just one of those dreamy days where everyone was happy and we just let the day unfold organically. We ended up at the beach playing in the water and chasing each other around. One of the most memorable and happy days we have had together.


The light cramping and Braxton Hicks have been exciting too, I really hope it’s like last time with Forest where it’s my body working on getting ready for labour, meaning less time in actual labour! I’m noticing that I’m more patient about the arrival this time round. I remember getting to 37/38 weeks with Forest and just wanting him to arrive already. This time round, I don’t want to rush the process and know she will come when she is ready. I’m still using Birth Prep capsules, Evening Primrose & Red Raspberry leaf tea and hope this is helping to make my body ready for labour. This week I’ll add in some acupuncture and rub Clary Sage oil on the belly.


Starting weight?


Current weight?

144.2lbs/65.4 kg not much weight gain this week, I always tend to slow the weight gain down towards the end of my pregnancy. Also my tummy looks a lot smaller, not sure why, but it’s very compact right now.

image9 2.jpeg


I did one exercise class this week, F45 as usual! It’s definitely my last class though during the pregnancy as I was SO sore the next couple of days. It really slowed me down, and if I had gone into labour that achey I know it would’ve been so much more challenging for me to give birth! So goodbye F45 for now, but see you post baby. We also did a bike ride which was actually more challenging for me than I expected, but so much fun. 



Chocolate protein shakes, smashed avocado, a couple of chocolate croissants, pear salad, vegan dumplings, vegan pancakes, pumpkin gnocchi, pizza, garlic bread!

Food aversions?



Nothing! They’ve all gone away now. 



It’s very surreal to think that she is going to be here within a few weeks. I’ve been really enjoying her movements and I’ve been talking to her a lot. It almost doesn’t feel real that she with be on the outside so soon. I look at her little clothes and our house, I watch the boys playing outdoors, and I try and picture her here with us, it’s just so hard to imagine what it’s going to be like. I am so excited, but also have this nervous anticipation (especially hearing some friends having to navigate some very tricky 3rd births lately after super cruisey second births). I will welcome however I have to bring her here, whatever that looks like I’ll be okay with. 

image10 2.jpeg

This week I’m going to write an email to my birth support team. I’m having the same team of people at the birth as last time; Mark (obvs), my two best friends Claire and Kat; Kat will be my doula, and she just so happens to be an ex paramedic who has done roadside deliveries before, so that’s helpful in case we get into any challenging situations. My other bestie Cass will be with us to be with the kids in the birthing room and checking in with them to see how they are going. Also, my mum is coming along this time! Mum is such a worry wart that I didn’t think she would be able to handle watching the birth last time with Forest but this time she really wants to be there. I’ve just had to prep her and tell her that looking over to a concerned face in the middle of labour will be super unhelpful so she said she will make sure she is in good and positive spirits! I also plan on having my birth photographer Gemma with us, but she is only available from 8-11th April so I’m not sure whether she will make it or not, we will see. I have a backup Adelaide based photographer Taryn, who is also my friend in case I don’t go within Gemma’s time here in Adelaide. It’s so nice to know that I’ll have my beautiful friends around me, I know I’ll feel really held and what a special occasion to share with those you love the most. 


Also, on a funny note go back and watch my 37 week pregnancy Vlog with Forest. It’s kind of hilarious to see just how similar life was back then to how it is now. I actually laughed out loud at how absurd it is that both pregnancies the house was in full renovations mode at 37 weeks pregnant, I guess I’m a creature of habit!