Bed-time Routines x Sleep Welle Tea by Teresa and Sarah


We recently had the pleasure of working with Welleco Super Elixir and have fallen in love with their Sleep Welle tea.  Here, Sarah and Teresa share their bed time routines.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  xo



As a mom, I think the word sleep has fallen out of my mouth over a hundred thousand times.  It is the number one subject in “Mommy and Me” classes. You start hearing about it the moment your baby is born.  The first question you are asked as a new Mom is, “how is she/he sleeping?” I remember saying things like, “I don’t know, he sleeps every hour and a half for like thirty minutes, nurses a super long time, poops, and then falls asleep again?” Then I would wait patiently for a reassuring acknowledgement like “Oh, that's great..” But usually would hear something more in the lines of “Oh, well, that's tough.”


We spend a lot of time as parents making life work in a way where our baby can have the best sleep possible.  We hear about routines for bedtime that will get baby in a more relaxed state and help them fall asleep better. Take this routine for example:  


You feed your baby dinner or nurse your baby, then you give baby a bath.  You do a massage with a relaxing baby balm or oil, dim the lights in the room and dress your baby in pajamas.  You read your baby a book, rock your baby or sing songs, tuck your baby into a cozy dark room and tip toe the heck out of there.  TA DA! 


It makes so much sense right? Who wouldn’t be in the best position possible for a relaxed and dreamy sleep? So what happens next? Do you go out to your living room and try to cram an entire day of tasks into the next two hours? Do you binge watch your favorite show, while eating that chocolate you have been thinking about all day, trying to work or do anything you didn’t get done while the baby was awake? 


I have done all of the above not in that order, and sometimes all in one night.  Some days I'm so tired I'll just want to pass out when 9:00 rolls around, and other days I'm wide awake because I have ramped my body back up and gotten this second wind and feel instantly energized when I should be sleeping. The same routines we put in place for our kids to have this perfect set up of a night should apply to adults as well.  We all need routine. It’s important to get sleep, and even more important to give yourself the best chance at a great night.  


Heres what I like to do.  Keeping a consistent bedtime and wake time is just as important for adults as it is for babies.  We try to go to bed around 9:30 or 10:00 pm, and we wake up around 6:30 am every morning. I love a shower before bed, so if I can, I’ll shower with the kids or take a bath with them.  I am very smell sensitive and love using oils on my skin to hydrate. I have this facial oil with vetiver, and it is very calming. Right after putting them to bed, I like to get any work I have left on my computer done, so I’ll boil some water for tea and while it’s boiling, I’ll work on my computer.  Then I’ll make a sleep tea.  Tea is super warm and comforting before bed.  I don’t know any statistics on drinking sleep teas, but I am in love with WelleCo SLEEP WELLE Calming Tea. It is formulated with skullcap, valerian root, and hops that when combined, help calm and destress the body and mind. It also works as a great stress reliever during the day if you ever need it. Simply steep one teabag for calm and two if you need serious sleep. I like to have it with a little honey because I love a bit of sweet in the evening.  This is when I’ll usually watch an episode of my favorite TV show, or read a book, and start relaxing my mind.  If I feel like I need even more relaxation, I'll do some breathing exercises or a short Yoga session.  After I finish my tea, I put on my pajamas and get ready for bed.  At this point, my mind and body are relaxed and in the best place for restful sleep.  


I feel like, as adults, we don’t think about what we put our minds and bodies through during the day.  Every day is so full and packed with different energy, tasks, and can take more out of you than we realize. We overwhelm our minds and over stimulate our nervous systems.  We live in this world now where it's not a truly productive day unless we have a full to-do list with twenty things checked off.  So, if you need a little help in the winding down of it all, a consistent routine can be helpful to set your body in a calming place .  


If you want to share your sleep routine, and what works for you, post below! 





Tea 2.JPG


I have to kick this off with utmost honesty and say I have never been a tea drinker. I don’t drink coffee or soda, milk or beer – in fact I find it difficult to drink enough water every day! I completely acknowledge the profound benefits of herbal tea, but until now it has rarely been of interest to me. 


Although I usually sleep quite well (aside from small people waking me throughout the night), it is the quality of sleep that I have noticed after adopting WelleCo SLEEP WELLE Calming Tea into my nightly routine. After dinner, we always play a family card game (usually Cluedo or Uno!).  Sometimes the kids and I take a bubble bath, and then I get the boys changed into their jammies. We brush teeth and lie in Bodhi’s bed together where we read three books. Bodhi and I will have our daily check-in where we talk about the day, the things we enjoyed, the things that were hard and the things we learned. The boys fall asleep together snuggled up with me. I tiptoe out the room and meet Mark in the lounge for a debrief, a warm cup of WelleCo Calming Tea and a cuddle! It’s a comforting and content routine for us.


I seem now to sleep deeper, more sound, and wake up calm and well rested. Currently I am working long days shooting a film so this sort of rest at night is such a blessing. WelleCo SLEEP WELLE Calming Tea is fortified with power herbs skullcap, hops and valerian root that when combined encourage sleep. It has certainly been a bit of a game changer for me - I so look forward to my hot cup of goodness in the evening, and I know you will too.


With love x,



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