5 Reasons to Inspire Your Kids to Love Plants by Plant Life Balance

There’s no denying it - plants are in vogue, however, the benefits of incorporating greenery into your family’s life stretches far beyond the aesthetic. From inspiring healthier food habits to stimulating scientific comprehension, gardening is without a doubt, good for children.

1. Inspires healthy eating

Every parent knows that encouraging their kids to value healthy eating can be a difficult task, however, gardening is a fantastic way to show them where their food comes from and it incites excitement about the food itself. By growing their own fruit, vegetables and herbs, they will have a sense of accomplishment with what they have created in turn, reiterating the importance of nutritious foods. Oregano, parsley and rosemary are great plants to begin with.

2. Stimulates scientific comprehension

Learning about basic scientific terms and concepts is far easier and more enjoyable when kids can be involved in the process - gardening is a wonderful introduction to the world of botany, biology and chemistry. Kids inadvertently learn the basic steps of scientific analysis by planting seeds and monitoring them regularly, understanding how variables such as the amount of sunlight, water and soil affect plant growth.

3. Teaches responsibility

When children garden, they are immediately taught about responsibility. They understand they have to care for their plants to see them grow and at a larger level, they realise the importance of looking after the planet. It’s also an opportunity to teach them about pollution, pesticides, sustainability and recycling by showing them how they can actively work to protect nature in their own backyard.

4. Encourages patience

Kids, especially now, are used to instant gratification and often don’t understand that in life - sometimes you must wait. Through gardening, they learn to be patient and realise that the earth takes time to regenerate and grow and isn’t a disposable resource.

5. Helps the soul

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to foster true connection in the digital age and working with plants can be a time for meaningful family time. It allows for team building, mindfulness and heightens communication skills. Having contact with soil during digging and planting also encourages better learning experiences, improved moods, decreased anxiety and a self-esteem boost from exercises creativity.