Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces for Headaches by Jenn Sanders

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Baltic amber teething necklaces aren’t just for kids, they’re also for adults. Their benefits would include alleviating headaches as they have some effects on the brain. Not only that, but Baltic amber may also affect the immune system, heart, and liver.

To obtain its benefits, you need to wear it. That is, you don’t have to burn it or powderize it. But thousands of years ago, people had to mix it with wine after pulverizing it to treat some illnesses. During the ancient times, people used it as a talisman to prevent diseases.

Apart from a headache, this necklace is also useful in eliminating negative energy while alleviating anxiety so that the wearer can achieve calmness.

The Baltic amber in the necklace has been preserved for thousands of years, allowing the necklace to offer tons of health benefits.


What Types of Headaches Can It Prevent?

It can protect yourself against any types of headaches. A tension headache, for example, is one of the most common forms of headaches that result in muscle tension in the neck, shoulder, and head. The imbalance of neurotransmitter levels might have played a role in this condition. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that can regulate pain.

If you’re prone to a migraine, then this necklace can offer you some health benefits. A migraine is a type of a headache with an unknown cause. In one of the theories, migraine occurs because of blood vessels swelling, thereby, triggering the pain receptors. But hormonal changes may also be a culprit. Skipping meals and some foods could cause such condition.

No matter what type of a headache you’re suffering from, it is annoying, and it can ruin your day. When it becomes intense, you can no longer work or perform your everyday duties at home. And that’s when you start to worry.

Baltic amber teething necklaces can help. As mentioned earlier, there’s no need for you to mix it water or powderize the beads. Instead, you need to wear the necklace against your skin.

When the beads that contain Baltic amber touch your skin, they release healing oil. This oil is present in amber. It penetrates the skin to alleviate the pain.

Some people also believed that Baltic amber has the power to renew your energy and improve your vitality.


What Other Uses of Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces?

As the term suggests, these necklaces are designed to alleviate pain associated with teething. Several mothers have sworn by its effectiveness. The reason for their effectiveness is the healing properties of Baltic amber.

Every time amber teething beads for babies is worn,  the oil in the amber is released, which contains succinic acid. This substance occurs in the body naturally.  When the body absorbed the oil, it releases analgesic effects, thereby, alleviating swollen gums because of teething.


Should You Wear Them?

Some people are still skeptical about the healing properties of these necklaces. However, if you ask those mothers who have tried it to their babies, they would highly recommend it.

Although these necklaces offer some healing properties to babies and adults, it’s ideal that you only purchase them from a reputable online shop. Keep in mind that some online stores sell Baltic amber that is made of snake oil and not pure amber.

If you want to be sure, opt for an amber necklace that comes from the Baltic region. Baltic amber has specifically high rates of succinic acid. Some online stores will sell you copal, which is an immature type of amber. Amber of this kind won’t have any healing effects on your headache or teething.

For best results, you must only wear an authentic Baltic amber necklace. And make sure to wear it every day.



Jenn Sanders currently works as a marketing assistant at Baltic Wonder, a company that is dedicated to the health and well-being of infants. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and outdoor adventures. 


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