Week 33 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer

What week?


How big is the baby?

She is about 19 inches (43.2-48.3 cm) tall, the size of a cauliflower blossom, and is somewhere in between 4-6 lbs (1.8-2.7 kg). Knowing my tendency to grow big-ish babies (over 8lbs), she may be closer to the 6lb weight! 

What's something new this week?

Temporary single mamahood! And I have to say, it makes me have so much respect for the single mamas in the world navigating it all alone. I’ve been telling my mum how in awe I am of her. She never had any help and raised me all on her own. I went to my dads a couple of times per week, but whenever I was at my mums it was just her and I, no babysitters, no down time! Mum, you’re my hero! 


Most challenging moment?

This week has actually been super colourful! Full of ups and downs. The first part of the week I said goodbye to Mark which was hard, but soon enough I just got on with it and there’s something to say about being on your own and instead of divide and conquering, you just do it all yourself and in some ways it can be easier. My mum has been an absolute godsend this week too, she is always waiting for us back at the house and takes over with the boys for an hour while I relax, get work done and have a bath. She is also doing half the housework and just helping me in general. We’ve made a really good team this week and I feel so supported by her.

The most challenging aspect of this week was the weekend! In particular Sunday. It was scorching hot in Adelaide. I spent most of the day with the boys at The Fringe festival in the pounding heat doing rides and the kids running around, but I felt like I was melting! Forest lost the plot around 11:30am because of the heat and his new daily waking hour of 5:45am, which means his naps are getting earlier and earlier. He finally fell asleep in the pram, so with the heat, we bailed on our plans to stay a while longer. To get back to my car that was parked at my dads house (who coincidentally lives opposite the Fringe), I had to push the pram up the big hill with both boys in/on it (Bodhi on the skateboard attachment) and with my huge tummy getting in the way, I was basically vertical getting the load up the hill. Dripping with sweat, huffing and puffing. I probably looked like I was in labour to the poor onlookers, and there were a few! 

Then it was in the car and off to my new friend Chantels housewarming, which started off great at her beautiful home where I met lots of her lovely friends, until Forest had explosive diarrhoea all in his pants (and errrm on the playroom floor) he was covered head to toe! Worst explosion I’ve ever dealt with, soaping and cleaning for close to an hour before we sheepishly apologised and quickly left! No idea where it came from, he hasn’t had it since and is fine now.. but hey! happy housewarming 🤷‍♀️


Most exciting moment?

Right now!! I’m in a limo car that Mark has organised for my birthday which is today (Tues 26th feb) The kids are strapped into the back and I’m dropping them at school and then the car is taking me to various surprise locations!! All Mark said was to enjoy, relax and recharge!! Very sweet of him, and so intriguing. I’ll have to update you next week on exactly what happens! Mark was so bummed to realise he was away for my birthday which isn’t a big deal to me since I really don’t care about my birthday. I love celebrating every one else’s but I never need to do anything for my own. Mark always makes a big fuss of me, however, and this year in particular he has gone all out, arranging it all from where he is in LA. What a beautiful man and I can’t wait to see what unfolds!

Starting weight?


Current weight?



F45 twice this week, plus loads of walking and being on my feet. 


What I ate Sunday:

AM: Smashed avocado toast, few bites of banana bread, green juice and half cocoa protein shake. LUNCH: carrots, vegan beetroot dip, crackers, one piece of vegan pizza DINNER: whole wheat pasta spirals, sundried tomatoes, olives, broccoli with olive oil and tomato basil sauce. DESSERT: Chocolate Croissant.

What I ate Saturday:

AM: chocolate croissant, half regular croissant, a large green juice LUNCH: vegan dumplings DINNER: potato, tofu, onion and garlic tamari stir fry. DESSERT: Handful of Bodhi’s Nerds left over from his party. WATER: 4 glasses of ice water! 

Food aversions?

Just not wanting as much food. 


Ice waters. I also ordered Dr Shulze’s Air Detox online today too. If any of you remembered, last pregnancy I was obsessed with that smell! 



I really think the past week and a half has taught me how important it is to really take it easy. I say YES to so much and then I deal with the ramifications of my over eagerness to do it all (sound familiar mamas?!) but between yesterday and today, I’ve really focused on slowing down and I can’t believe what a difference it makes to focus in on that particular intention. It’s such a good lesson for me to remember during these last 5-7 weeks of pregnancy. Last night I sat down and wrote out my birth plan which I’ll share next week, it was so pleasant just to have time to focus on myself and our baby. I’m 33 today and about to have my 3rd baby, life is feeling pretty special.