Week 30 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?


How big is the baby?

17 inches (43.2 cm), the size of a cantaloupe, and probably weighs somewhere near three and a half pounds (1.6 kg)

What's something new this week?

Very visible movements! She has been really rolling around in my stomach this week, super big movements that the boys can see. It’s been such a novelty for them. I’m starting to pay extra attention to her movements now so that I know what her way is, and if it changes or quietens down I can make sure she is okay with my home Doppler or speak to my midwife. It’s really important to make sure you’re regularly checking in with your baby in utero and observing how they are, some people download a kick count app, I’ve decided just to be more focused on her movements. Getting so close now! Bodhi and his little friends have been giving my tummy lots of love and attention. It’s been very sweet. 


Most challenging moment?

Nothing too challenging this week really, I had a bit of a cold and that’s it. Mark and I are headed on a 2 day baby moon to Tasmania. Actually, I’m really working for 2 days with David Jones and taking Mark and calling it a baby moon, but we will have some down time at least at the hotel and can have uninterrupted nights sleep for two days. The boys’ grandparents are staying with them, so I know they’re gearing up for days of ice cream and lots of spoiling. I think it’s pretty cute actually. I’ll find it hard to say goodbye even if it’s only for 2 nights, I know this will be the most challenging part of my week. 


Most exciting moment?

Selecting out products and appliances for our kitchen and the kids’ bedroom renovations. It’s full steam ahead here at our house. There is mess everywhere and Mark has really taken to doing the demolishing himself haha! It’s amazing to see it starting to come together. The boys are going to have the biggest room in the house, we didn’t realise that converting a carport would add so much floor space, but their bedroom will be about a third of the house. It’s for Isaac as well as Bodhi and Forest so at least they’ll all have their space, we added a cool cubby nook too, and it should be finished in 3 weeks.


Starting weight?


Current weight?

Talk about weight fluctuations this week, for the last few days of last week and the first 2 of this week I was over 140lbs/63.5kg which was a significant increase in weight over one week. Then, the last couple of days I’ve dropped back down to 137lbs/62kg. I think I had fluid retention from the cold I had the last week. I was waking up so puffy. I’ve increased the fluids now, and I’m starting to feel less stuffy!



I went to my favourite F45 class this week and absolutely loved it. It’s the most wonderful concept. I’m travelling this week for two days, so I won’t be able to do it this week but I’d love to be going 3 x per week! I feel amazing afterwards, and it’s just such a fun workout. We went with our friends the Duigan’s which makes it even the more enjoyable.


I’ve discovered chocolate croissants and just found out that a place round the corner from my house sells them!! Uh-oh haha I’ve been having one almost every day! Avocado smash still, banana bread, green juices, popcorn, vegan honeycomb treats, vegan dumplings. There’s really nothing like hubby bringing me avocado smash and a chocolate croissant in the bath! #winning


Food aversions?

Indian food is off putting right now and Mark keeps suggesting it.


Ice water! Crunch crunch crunch.



I don’t want my reflections each week to always be the same but I’m going to harp on about it for one more week! I LOVE Adelaide, I love my friends, the kids school, how safe I feel here, the laid back lifestyle, the weekend markets, the food, our house, having my parents around, the exercise classes and just getting to be mum and watching the kids all play together. We are blissfully happy here. It’s the simple life I crave and maybe it feels even nicer because I have that contrast with my job and our busy life in LA and having those other experiences might be what makes Adelaide just feel so good to me, but nothing feels like home the way Adelaide does and it just keeps getting better and better. Thankfully Mark feels the same way as me and has really settled in here. It’s my favourite place in the world and I’m so grateful that I get to nest here like this and just relax in this way before our daughter comes in LESS THAN 10 WEEKS!! (or knowing my luck she will be 2 weeks “late” and I’ll be getting very impatient!)