Week 27 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer

What week?


How big is the baby?

HUMONGOUS. Well she feels that way and my tummy looks that way! Holy moly. 16.7 inches/42.4 cm and weighs about 2.7 lbs. The size of a camping lantern! 

What's something new this week?

Rib pain. I had this last pregnancy too. I have no idea at which point in pregnancy it started, but it feels like the bottom of my ribs are bowing out. When I stretch my arms up high it gives me some relief, but not a ton. I found this online which seems so specific in terms of the weeks but it’s totally true for me! “Most women experience symptoms of rib pain in the 26th week of pregnancy, but many others experience these rib pains during early pregnancy also.” It also says, “the growth of the uterus is the most common cause of rib pain. As the baby gets larger, the muscles on the ribs are forced apart, creating a strain. This can cause anything from mild discomfort to shooting bolts of pain.” I definitely only have mild discomfort, but it’s enough to mention! 


Most challenging moment?

Our family travelled to Minnesota this week. We stayed for 3 days to visit Marks family. His father and his whole mother’s side of the family still live there. It was an interesting and wonderful few days seeing the family, but it was also challenging emotionally for everyone. Mark’s dad isn’t well and what makes it more complicated is that Mark has only met him 3 times since he was 5 (his dad had substance issues and left the family). He is such a beautiful man now, has completely turned his life around and is really seeking out a relationship with Mark, but because of his dads ailing health there’s this pressure for them to connect and get deep real quick. That’s a big emotional thing to navigate for all. Then Mark’s grandma is also really unwell, as is his ex-stepfather that he is very close with, so there were some really confronting moments for Mark, as well as so many beautiful moments of nostalgia and reminiscing with his family. We were really so happy we went and spent some beautiful time with them. It was a really meaningful trip for all of us and so special to be able to bring the 3 boys and have them spend time with their Dad’s family. 

Most exciting moment?

Our friends the Wanganeens are in town from Australia visiting! It has been amazing having them stay here. They have 3 little girls and Bodhi and their eldest Kitty are legit in love. I’ve never seen Bodhi connect on such a deep level with a friend before, they just click. He said to Mark tonight “I love Kitty because she really understands me.” So cute. It’s been such a joy spending time with them and showing them some of our favourite places in LA.


Starting weight?



Yes! I did something this week, I went to the gym and did an exercise class. The only issue was that the instructor didn’t give me any modifications which is always really important for women working out during pregnancy. I kind of just had to listen to my body and do what I could do and not participate in a lot of the ab stuff and the jumping activities. Even taking it slightly easy, I was still so puffed out by the end of the class and sweating up a storm but it felt GOOD. I just love the natural high of working out.



All the food! Buffalo cauliflower wings, veggie burgers, pizza, green juice, cacao smoothie, avocado smash, salads, skittles galore- they were free at the hotel in Minnesota and me + free food= gimme gimme.

Food aversions?

Not feeling fake veggie meats.. 


Ice ice baby!!



There’s nothing like busting through the day with all its busyness and getting to the end of it only to soak in the bath, listen to birth story podcasts and crunch on some ice! Ah bliss. I’m really relishing these last few months as I know I won’t be getting to have these moments so much. It’ll be much crazier with 3 babes, but I’m excited for all that that will bring. Baby girl always moves when we get in to the bath. It’s a really nice time to zone in and talk to her, tell her about our day and talk about how excited we all are to welcome her into our family. It’s feeling really close now, although realistically I’ve still got so much time to go! These are the last few days we will be in LA with only the 3 kids, next time we return to America we will have 4! I can’t quite comprehend it, but it couldn’t make me happier. I love being pregnant and welcoming new life, I hope I get to do it a few more times yet.