Week 26 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer

What week?


How big is the baby?

She feels huge! The size of a butternut squash this week. 15.75 inches (40 cm) and weighing approximately 2.4lbs

What's something new this week?

This week I went to storage and grabbed all the boys old baby clothes. I sat on the floor of our lounge room and sorted through everything. It’s taken me 4 days to get finished. I’ve washed a bunch of stuff and put aside things that I know I probably won’t dress her in, and the biggest pile of the boys’ old clothes that I WILL dress her in. She has a FULL wardrobe from newborn - 12 months of hand me downs. 


I then, of course, second guessed that decision because having a daughter after 3 boys is really fun, and I definitely want to add in the clothes I’ve already bought her and continue to get other really cute feminine pieces too. I texted Sarah to ask if Esme wore all of Wyatt’s clothes and she said just some key pieces with cute new stuff added in to compliment. I think we will ultimately do the same and mix and match. Mark helped me cull some of the boys clothes that were stained but so sentimental to me. I secretly added a few pieces back in when he wasn’t watching haha! I can’t wait to see her wearing the same things they did. He thinks I’m headed into hoarder territory... I do have a decent size pile of giveaway clothes too and have some clothes set aside for any future boy babies we have as well (which Mark rolled his eyes at! haha). He is very excited about the prospect of our daughter wearing dresses with leggings and stockings paired with baby Nike’s and Adidas. Yesterday he bought 12 floral headbands yesterday. TWELVE (and he thinks I’m the hoarder...).


Most challenging moment?

Pregnancy insomnia. It’s equal parts challenging equal parts weirdly productive. I know that sounds bizarre, but I really get a lot of good ideas in the wee hours of the night and end up ploughing through work emails and coming up with ideas for our businesses. Last night I fell asleep at 1:30 am, woke at 4 am and stayed awake till 6 am. Then Mark gave me a sleep in until 9:45am. So, a pretty erratic and poor night’s sleep, but I did go on a deep Instagram dive and found a cute first day outfit for our daughter! The night before’s sleep wasn’t as bad. It’s mostly just a drag during the day when I’m very tired and the kids need me. I’ve just been wanting to lounge about on the couch googling baby related things but I’ve managed to dig deep and find some energy somehow (now I understand why everyone loves coffee so much!).


Most exciting moment?

My baby shower! One of my best friends Brooke threw it for me. She flew from NY and set it up singlehandedly at my house, she made a hilarious birthing cake (a vagina with a baby head in it haha) as well as other food, non alcoholic punch, a really cute watermelon crib with a baby orange sucking a dummy/pacifier. Brooke is such a laugh but also just so thoughtful and loving.


Kacy, the editor of Your Zen Mama made me the most incredible headpiece wreath made from the garden, it was glorious, she is one of those mamas who is super creative and cute as well as thoughtful! It’s funny, I was almost hesitant to have a baby shower initially, I just thought that it’s a bit overkill to have a baby shower each time I’m pregnant! I mean, it is my third go around haha. I feel bad for those friends of mine who have been to all three haha! But I will say not only was it such an enjoyable evening, catching up with friends new and old, but I received THE CUTEST little girls outfits!! Baby girl has so many of the boys hand me downs that to have some really gorgeous feminine pieces gifted to us was absolutely divine. So many incredible things that I wouldn’t even begin to know where to find. It was a really nice excuse to hang with my group of friends, and I just feel very happy and blessed to know so many incredible people.


Starting weight?


Current weight?

133.2lbs/60.4 kg


None this week! BUUUUT next week Mark has said we will be working out together. I’m really craving some physical movement. Our house here in LA is three stories, though, and the boys’ bedroom is on the very bottom floor so I am running up and down the stairs many times a day! Mum and I both think we have burned tons of calories from just getting things for the boys. 



Vegan lasagna, Indian food, vegan cupcakes, salad, boba tea, vegan pizza, avocado toast, chocolate protein smoothie.

Food aversions?



Crunching ice, lavender baths, true crime podcasts and Air Detox spray haha



This has been my favourite week of pregnancy so far. I love being here in LA, and just getting excited about our daughter. Going through all the boys little clothes was so nostalgic and just thinking about seeing her in them made it all feel so very real. Mark and I have been stealing moments with each other just to check in and talk about how much we love her and how grateful we are that she has decided to join our family, we feel like the luckiest people alive. I’m having these long dreamy, relaxing days thinking about her and getting prepared. This time in pregnancy is always my favourite, the waiting, thinking, preparing and dreaming of what is to come. I can’t wait to hold her in my arms.