Week 22 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer

What week?


How big is the baby?

8.1 inches (21.3cm) or the size of a corn on the cob!

What's something new this week?

Major nesting has begun! I have not been able to stop scrubbing the cupboards and rewashing all the crockery, creating a pile of things to throw away etc. It’s been NON STOP. My feet are so sore but I just keep pushing through to get it done and I still have 4 months of pregnancy left haha! Mark thinks it’s hilarious. I’ve sorted all the drawers, closets, toys, kitchenware.

Most challenging moment?

The above! Haha. Once I get something in my head I go on a very committed mission to see it through, I can’t half finish a job, I will lose sleep if that’s what it takes to complete something. I definitely overworked myself this week!

Most exciting moment?

Getting our two little kittens Blackwood and Stormy Grey (no one seems to be able to come up with her name! So it’s a hybrid of choices right now). Bodhi is officially obsessed, they’re his everything which is very, very sweet. We actually don’t see him in the house, he just disappears and cuddles with them, playing with them, feeding them, carrying them EVERYWHERE. I saw him look up to the clouds and tell Santa “Santa can you please get the kittens some kitten toys and a kitten stocking for them because I love them and they’ve been very good.”

Starting weight?

114lbs / 52kg

Current weight?

129.6lbs / 58.7kg


Scrubbing floors and on my feet 24/7. Next week will hopefully be a lot more chilled out and I may even get to go on a hike.



I’ve been less hungry this week, maybe because my stomach is getting squashed. I really look so much bigger at this weeks gestation than the last two times. I’m carrying completely differently. Definitely been eating my staple of smashed avocado, green juices, Salada crackers, avocado sushi rolls, smoothies, banana bread, and veggie pizza.


Food aversions?

Just less hungry.


None to report.



My beautiful little boy is 2 in two days and I can’t quite believe it. I felt as though this last year has gone slowly, but the first year flew by, perhaps because I was working so much on A Discovery of Witches. Forest has the biggest heart and the sweetest, most cuddly personality. He said to me today “Mama the sun is shining so brightly.” He says the most thoughtful and observant things. He is such a mama’s boy, and is cheeky, funny and just a little inquisitive adventurer. He can be shy at first in a new environment, and then really blossoms and dives right in, opening up to whatever situation he is in. He is so kind, so loving, so affectionate, everyone talks about his sweetness. I’m madly in love with him, and I’m so proud to be his mama. Today I noticed his face looked a little more defined as his baby rolls start to fade away, his face is maturing. The bittersweet nature of our children growing up! All we want is for them to grow into happy, independent children but then we miss all these baby stages and long for the days they fit so perfect nestled into our shoulders, asleep on us as we carry them. Oh the joys, I’ll be sure to lap up all these moments of him. I love you my sweet Folly pop, I’m overjoyed to be your mummy.