Week 21 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?


How big is the baby?

The size of baby bok choy! 8 inches s/ 20.3cm


What's something new this week?

Byron Bay adventures! We have had the most brilliant week in Byron hanging with our friends the Duigans, swimming in the ocean, lounging by waterfalls, eating great food, meeting new friends and being immersed in the sun! It was my first time in Byron and I was absolutely taken by it. 


Most challenging moment?

Bawling my eyes out saying goodbye to the boys! I’m off to NY for 2 nights, which will be 4 nights away from them total. I didn’t think it was fair to bring them back to America and straight back to Oz only for 2 nights, so I’m braving it on my own. They’ll be having a daddy extravaganza. I was a mess saying goodbye, and they were totally chilled! I tried to blame pregnancy hormones, but I know it’s just my big soft sensitive heart! I’m so attached to them and it’s very, very rare that we are ever away from each other, so that was the most challenging part of this week. That’s saying something since all the 5 kids between the two families all got a stomach bug! A week of non stop vomiting and yet saying goodbye was the worst part of it all, but as Winnie the Pooh says “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”.


Most exciting moment?

The Sunday market in Byron was sensational and we bought some really gorgeous handmade baby rompers. It’s really beautiful watching Mark’s eyes light up at the little girls’ clothes. I can see how excited he is to have a daughter and watching him choose her clothes is very sweet. I designed a tie dye singlet for her at the market, and the boys each made themselves a t-shirt. Our little girl has definitely been on the forefront of all of our minds. 


Starting weight?

114lbs / 52kg

Current weight?

No idea, but I feel as though I’ve packed it on the last few weeks. I look closer to 30 weeks than 21! Maybe there’ll be a scale at my hotel in NY.. or maybe I won’t want to jump on it!



Hiking! Tons of walking up steps and hills to get down to hidden beaches and secrets Byron hideaways. So much walking and often lugging my little Folly boy around.



Salads, baguettes, juices, pancakes, smoothies, smashed avocado (duh) plus sweet and sugar!


Food aversions?



A true blue Aussie Vanilla slice! Many of them in fact. I also have a stashed packet of salt n vinegar chips for the flight too. 



I have had immense love feelings towards the little boys this week. There’s something about touching down in Australia for me that instantly makes me relax, it’s such a beautiful and safe country and I just feel at home here (I’m writing this as I’m slightly melancholy on the plane heading to NY for a couple of days!). Mark feels the same way and I think just existing in that kind of headspace gives you the time to really settle into life, slow down and appreciate everything around you. I’ve been really observing my boys; enjoying their stories, boundless happiness, sense of humour and all their cuddles too. Every member of my family feels amazing in Australia, and I have been so moved watching them in their element. Thinking about bringing our little girl into the world soon and raising her in Australia alongside our little guys has brought me close to tears many times this week. Feeling fortunate, grateful and enjoying this Aussie light.