Week 20 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?


How big is the baby?

6.5/7 inches long/18.3cm or about the size of a mango!

What's something new this week?

All the things! Byron Bay, international travel, 20 week scan, Thanksgiving…crazy busy week but thoroughly enjoyable and mostly relaxing. 

Most challenging moment?

Carrying the boys and all our luggage onto the plane! Thankfully it was only about 5 mins of holding theming / wrestling them and our stuff down the aisles. Mark had Bodhi asleep over one shoulder his huge backpack on, our snacks over the other and a bag of other randomness, I had Forest asleep over my shoulder, my heavy backpack, a huge pillow, Bodhi’s backpack and a yo-yo pram slung over the other shoulder. We looked like crazy people but made it and ended up having a pretty smooth sailing trip. The plane was pretty empty so Mark and I swapped out and each had a bunch of hours sleep in a whole empty row to ourselves. 


Most exciting moment?

Our scan and seeing the boys watching her on the screen. They’re absolutely gorgeous with her, and they were all so excited and pointing out her different body parts, exclaiming who she looked like etc. It was just a really joyous moment. I was emotional afterwards because she was so wanted and asked for and it felt beautiful watching how excited the kids were. Bodhi said to the belly later that night in a quiet moment “you’ve chosen such a kind and fun family to come into, we love you sooo much

Starting weight?


Current weight?

126.5lbs (just guessing as I haven’t weighed myself this week!)


Lots of walking 


Avocado smash, miso eggplant, veggie sushi, cake (!!), good old Aussie Vanilla slice!, all the Thanksgiving food possible, terrible tofurkey haha, Vegan cheesecakes, spinach artichoke dip, burrata salad, a ton of sourdough bread and lots of greens and green juices! Eclectic mix this week.


Food aversions?



Nothing to write home about.. aside from water! 


Grateful. That’s been the theme of this week, especially with it being Thanksgiving. I’m just really thankful for all the abundance in our life; mainly our children. I am really trying to cherish all my moments with them and know that soon the dynamic will shift again as we welcome baby sissy into the world. I just feel so happy to be able to enjoy the boys so much and watch them grow and change and navigate through feelings and experiences in life. I’m so proud to be their mummy and I’m just so thankful that they’re healthy boys and have big kind hearts and sweet souls. I’m thankful to have a daughter soon and for the boys to have their much longed for sister. I’m also so grateful to be having such real, raw, open connections with my friends and the greater community through Your Zen Mama. I really appreciate the access to people all around the world through social media, I think it’s truly special and I learn so much from my interactions with people on that platform all the time. So much to be thankful for and when I live in a place of gratitude, everything else in my life feels sweeter.