Week 16 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?


How big is the baby?

About the size of a dill pickle! 12.7 - 14.2cm or 5 - 5.6 inches

What's something new this week?

Nesting! We have spent 3 days getting rid of a bunch of stuff, buying new furniture, reorganizing rooms and setting up Bodhi and Forest’s new bedroom, which they slept in until 2am last night (not a bad first night!). I’ve been putting some baby stuff in storage, but keeping the pieces that I know baby girl will wear and putting it in her little area that we’ve set up.


Most challenging moment?

Not having a sitter during all the nesting! I have to keep coming up with fun activities for the kids so that they don’t get bored and we can continue doing what we need to do. They’ve been loving their new playrooms, so I’ve been trying to make it fun and include them in all the sorting as much as possible. Purging and getting rid of all the old toys is so satisfying!

Most exciting moment?

I had some more significant movements this week. I could feel her shift positions and it was the first time I was able to rub my tummy and make her out in there (either a head or a butt haha!). The kicking is quite muted right now because of my anterior placenta, but to be able to feel where she is sitting through my tummy is super sweet. 


Starting weight?


Current weight?



Finally did some yahooo! I went to the gym with Mark and although it was a light workout, it was perfect. I did some arms and legs and then finished with 15 mins of cardio, 45 mins total just to ease back in. It felt really good and Forest didn’t even wake up in the gym child care which would’ve been the end of my workout anyway!



vegan sushi rolls, smashed avocado, muffins, veggie burgers, vegan ravioli, green juices, chocolate protein smoothies. 

Food aversions?

None really, but I’m certainly having smell aversions, especially of the smoothie Mark left in our car fridge/glove box that exploded in the heat and smells horrendous that he hasn’t cleaned out yet!


Salty everything!



I’ve been really sentimental this past week, in all my sorting I found a letter my mum wrote to me 12 years ago. She had written it in the pages of my 2006 diary hoping that I’d one day find the letter, I didn’t find it until 12 years later. I love seeing her handwriting and what she wrote to me long before she had grandchildren. It was so special and heartfelt. I also really cherish this book I did with my Nanna before she passed. It asks her lots of questions and I wrote down all her answers, this was only a few months before she died, it’s so special to have it, she talks all about how raising her children was the best thing she ever did in her 93 years. It was just beautiful, the wisdom and perspective she had, it made me recognise the gift that years give you. I really love getting older.