Week 14 Pregnancy VLOG by Teresa Palmer


What week?


How big is the baby?

4.3-4.6 inches (10.9 - 11.7cm)
The size of a lemon!

What's something new this week?

I tested negative to the antibodies I mentioned last week so that’s great news for us and means our high risk pregnancy has now been made into a low risk one!

Most challenging moment?

Lack of sleep and lots of plans each day! We are keeping very busy here in LA, so many play dates and activities that any lack of sleep is taking its toll. Luckily I’m having a relaxing day today.

Most exciting moment?

Feeling baby girl kick! I can feel her little movements now, they’re very very subtle and I heard that when your placenta is at the front like mine the feelings will be muted but I can certainly feel them enough to get excited!

Starting weight?


Current weight?




Nothing! We are trying to figure out babysitting then I’ll start going back to the gym!


Green juice, mashed avocado, muffin, vegan pizza, hummus and dips, vegan quesadilla 

Food aversions?






With it being infant and pregnancy loss awareness week I’ve been thinking very much about those who have suffered loss and especially those who have faced the dark uncertainty of infertility. As joyous as I am about this pregnancy I’m also overwhelmed with sadness for those who haven’t got their happy ending yet. I can’t imagine how debilitating and heartbreaking that would be and I’m very aware that my happy announcement can be triggering for some. If you’re reading this and you, like I, are the 1 in 4 woman who have suffered a loss, I’m with you and I see you. Sending love to you.