Going Deep with Teresa Palmer on Skincare

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A dear reader, Charlotte from New Zealand, wrote in asking how Teresa manages to look so good after 5 nights without sleep.  I have a secret to let you all in on, which is that Teresa has a MAGIC FACE.  She really does, but I also think she has some clear skin / bright eye secrets, and I am bound to find out what they are!

YZM: Do you have any secrets for your clear skin, bright eyes, and overall healthy lovely look?

TP: Well thank you!! I certainly don't feel like I'm looking my best after multiple nightly waking haha. What I notice is that if I become too dehydrated I suddenly look about ten years older, so I pound the coconut water and H2O. I can visibly see my eyes brighten and my skin fill out and glow when I'm hydrated.  I also start looking really dull after not being in the sun for a little Vitamin D pick me up. I think many people have been somewhat scared off from being in the sun, but even 20 mins can be so recharging and good for the soul which show through our skin. I also drink a daily green juice and get in lots of avocado, our food choices make all the difference too. 

YZM: What cleanser do you use?

TP: I use Artistry advanced creamy foam cleanser, so luxurious and it smells amazing! my skin is always looking super fresh after using it. 

YZM: What part do you think your diet and lifestyle plays in your health?

TP: I think eating a vegan diet really contributes to having a healthy lifestyle. I ensure I'm eating a lot of plant based nutrition. Once I dropped all the meat i was consuming before I went vegan, I noticed a radical change in my overall vitality and physical appearance. 

YZM: What cleanser/moisturizer/tinted moisturizer/foundation do you use?

TP: Artistry's line of makeup and beauty products are my favorite to use. I've had a wonderful relationship with them for many years and the makeup just works perfectly for my face. The eye shadows are a gorgeous array of unique colors and the foundation is both light and perfectly matched to my skin. Once you know what brand works for you, stick with it!

YZM: Do you have any other beauty tips?

TP: Water all day long! Coconut oil in every capacity. All over your body, in your hair, cooking with it and ingesting  a spoonful a day. A great source of healthy fat and also incredibly hydrating and nourishing for your body.  

YZM: When you do wear makeup, what do you wear?

TP: Under-eye concealer, a little bronzer on the cheeks, a swipe of raspberry tinted lip balm, eye brow pencil to darken the brows (love a dark brow) mascara to the upper lashes only and voila! Less is always more. 


Contributed by Kacy Byxbee, editor for Your Zen Mama