11 Months: An Update by Sarah Olsen

We are just a few days away from having an 11 month old. Esmé is trying to walk, dancing, standing, crawling, scooting, saying words, waving, laughing, pointing and trying to fight sleep. I am back in Idaho now for a while, the same place I was last year waddling from one thing to the next just a month away from giving birth to our girl. It is bringing back so many memories of my state of mind from that time. The excitement of a new baby, the worry of how it would affect my son, the sadness from losing my dad, and the all over body aches and changes that were a moment to moment reminder of her growth inside of me. With these beautiful memories I felt it was time for an update. My plan, and hopefully I get my bum in gear, is to share her written birth story around her birthday.

How big is baby?

24+ pounds I took her to the doctor before we left and she was off the charts above the 100 percentile in weight and height.


Whats something new this week?

When Esmé adds a new skill she adds a few. She now says “uh oh” when she drops something, and says “woof woof” when she sees a dog.

Most challenging moment?

Sleep is always an interesting pickle. I think I have said before that once you feel you have it all figured out, they go and change it up on you. Now that Esmé stands and crawls it’s harder to put her down to sleep. I love our cuddle time and nursing sessions before she falls asleep but now I feel like more of a jungle gym that she wears herself out on until she’s so tired she flops over. My body is saying its time for me to adapt, those snuggly days of her sleeping at the boob aren’t working during this “leap” where her body doesn’t want to stop moving so I may need a new routine.


Something you loved this week?

Actually something that I don’t want to forget happened this morning at around 6:45 am. I felt Esmé begin to stir and as I was trying to nurse her, she turned her body around and kicked Eric right in the face. (this was not what I loved but what came after) The funny part was that still asleep she said “uh oh, uh oh” and then slept for another hour.

Another thing is that Wyatt is so excited to see Esmé every morning, and the first thing he says is “oh look it’s my favorite Esmé, my little squishy baby.” That melts me.


Mama time?

Yesterday I had the most amazing mama time. During the kids nap time I rode my bike to the grocery store here in town to pick up a few things for dinner. I rode back in the beautiful afternoon sun listening to music on my phone, and when I got home Eric was watching a documentary with Esmé sound asleep in the Ergo. It was so simple and yet exactly what I needed.

What am I eating?

At the moment, GF cheese crackers and wine. hahah

I am trying to balance my diet with lots of foods rich in vitamins so my milk stays thick and flowing.  My favorite thing to make at the moment is green beans with garlic and olive oil broiled in the oven.


My body.

I am now working out more consistently and I have to say it feels pretty amazing. Saw a quote today that made me smile “Exercise because you love your body not because you hate it.”

Checking in.

This evening when we got the kids down to sleep, I walked outside to where Eric was, he had opened a bottle of wine, and had the fire pit going. We both worked on our computers eating snacks, drinking wine, and chatting until the rain started to fall. It has to be one of my favorite moments of the summer so far. Just relaxing by the fire with the one I love while our babies were sleeping peacefully inside.