Mama Thoughts in July by Teresa Palmer

Hey Friends! 

I hope life is going beautifully for you all and your families. We just arrived back in Australia after spending a week away together reconnecting as a family. With very little phone distractions, zero “to-do” lists and long days of  togetherness we feel completely recharged and reinvigorated. Today in my video I talk about how this time spent with each other was a very important reminder to slow down, do less and be present even during hectic family life. I hope I can have things in place to remind myself to live in this space because it sure feels nice! 


A quick family update for you; 

Forest is getting HUGE, at 7.5 months now and almost 20lbs (9kg) he is crawling everywhere! He started crawling the week her turned 6 months old. He is very vocal and is pulling himself up on everything and started to cruise. He babbles a lot and I’ve been repeating “Mama” to him a lot haha he says it but hasn’t connected that it’s me yet! He is the most contented baby, happy to go to anyone, very relaxed and doesn’t need to be the centre of attention. He does however really communicate his needs and only cries if he is tired. He throws his arms and head back when he is sleepy (it’s really so cute hahah!) and he now puts his hands up in the air when he wants to be picked up. I’m just falling in love with all these new things and then they suddenly change again!


Sleep has been great, he does about 3-4 naps a day and wakes 1-2 times per night. Last night he slept right through from 11pm-7am which was soooo nice. It was his longest stretch (maybe it’s the Adelaide Hills air!) He is a massive eater and wants to grab everything off our plates. We do Baby Led Weaning with him, so he eats whatever is on our plate and feeds himself. It’s really messy and really fun, he has tried all sorts of things! 


Bodhi is great, happy and enthusiastic about life, he seems to have really grown up so much these past few weeks, understanding advanced concepts and the things he wants to converse about are really exciting because we are having much deeer conversations! He loves learning and exploring and then letting us know his observations. We are still working on him being more gentle in his “love” for Forest sometimes haha and we have been working on helping him navigate when he is hungry and tired and how not to breakdown (a lot of one on one, non-distracted time is the best!) he lights up our lives and is always making us laugh.

Isaac is the best big brother, I cannot begin to describe his patience, love and his deep need to protect and teach his brothers. He gets Forest to sleep all the time and is so proud of himself for doing it. He has the biggest heart and is so incredibly bright that I learn new things from him every day. We have him for a 6 week stretch now and it’s always so nice to have the whole gang together. He thrives in Australia and it makes me so happy to see him with all his Aussie “Mates”. 


Okay sending love from us to all of you and yours ❤️❤️❤️