Stella Rose’s Birth Story by Charlotte Carmela

Photo Copyright: EEFJE DECONINCK

Photo Copyright: EEFJE DECONINCK

Giving birth for the first time was an amazing experience.

It’s funny how you fantasise about it during those 9 months and how it eventually turns out. 

I wanted a natural home birth but due to no elevator in our building home birth was out of the question. 


Instead I did most of my delivery at home with my midwife and fiancé and when it was actual time to deliver I walked to the hospital.

At around midnight my water broke, I remember it well as the moon was shining bright and full. My midwife came to our house to check the color and to monitor the heartbeats of the baby. She went home soon after. 

I tried to sleep again but contractions were coming and going. I took different positions to try and be comfortable, without any result.

At 7 in the morning contractions were strong and my boyfriend called the midwife again. 

I was in a lot of pain and when contractions were coming my boyfriend gave me massages to help and deal with the pain. When contractions went away he went back into the kitchen to make ginger beer.

Looking back it’s such an intense and beautiful experience you go through with your other half. 

At 11 the midwife told us it was time to go to the hospital as I was 7 cm dilated. 

I walked and stopped a lot on our way to the hospital which is literally around the corner. 

Once at the hospital contractions were so intense without any pause. I remember crying from pain and happiness as I knew it wouldn’t be long before meeting this little person inside of me. 

At 11.53 we welcomed our baby daughter Stella Rose . I went home 3 hours later, high on love. In the evening the whole family came together at our place, we ordered take out and laughed.

Reading this, it all seems so unreal and so beautiful.

Couldn’t wish for a better birth story.


Fiancée • Mother to Stella Rose • Working on my jewelry collection • Belgium

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