Mama Thoughts in June by Teresa Palmer


Hi friends,

I hope everyone is having a beautiful last few weeks despite some of the horrifying things going on in the world. I know that I have been deeply affected by the news of what’s been happening in England. I remember after having heard about the loss of children I just cried and looked at my little ones thinking about the Mothers out there weeping for their lost babies at the very moment I was clutching on to mine. It’s utterly devastating. In a particularly fragile moment Mark hugged me and said “Love always wins”. It was so simple yet so true, love wins. Always. The stories of togetherness, kindness, generosity and unity coming out of these tragedies is the answer, it’s the hope. We need to continue to acknowledge all the goodness in the world and let love be our loudest language.

Love as our language will be something I focus on this month in my Mama thoughts. I wanted to touch upon the above as I’ve felt the collective sadness these past few weeks and felt that it needed to be acknowledged. Love you guys ❤️