My daughter is My Guru by Kasia Horfiniak


My precious Daughter has taught me how to slow down and enjoy every moment of this magical life.

She has taught me how to belly laugh again at the most unseemingly funny things.

My Daughter has taught me that a kind and soothing word, a cuddle and a kiss are the most powerful energies in the Universe.

My Daughter has taught me patience and how to go with the flow. She has taught me real love, the kind that even when every part of you is exhausted, you still rise because she is more important.

My Daughter has taught me to dance whenever there is music and sometimes without. To enjoy spinning around and becoming dizzy with laughter. She has reignited my imagination with playing in the ocean and making animal noises.

She has taught me to treasure the simple pleasure of walking outside on the grass with bare feet and embracing the sunshine.

My Daughter has taught me to live in my integrity as she is always watching and wants to be just like Mummy.

My Daughter has taught me to let go easily and to move on with joy and freedom.

She has taught me that excitement and enthusiasm are our natural states of being.

Her smile, her laugh, the twinkle in her eye are blessings she shares with me every single day

When she says ‘Mama’ my heart expands and my world is illuminated and complete.

My Daughter has taught me how to really love, a love so fierce, protective and unconditional. She has taught me through her actions how to be brave and free. My daughter has taught me to trust my instincts, they’re a special knowingness that Mama’s have.

Thank you my darling for being my Teacher in this lifetime.

I love you and I thank you my precious Daughter.

I am honoured to be your Mama.


My Name is Kasia Horfiniak and I’m Mama to Trinity and Wifey to Ross from Magical Melbourne, Australia.  I am an Intuitive Reiki and EFT practitioner. My passion is to Uplift, Empower and Encourage the magnificence and divine light within us. 

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