Slow Livin by Children of the Tribe by Teresa Palmer

Sarah and I have been really loving on Children of The Tribe clothes for Wyatt, Esme, Bodhi and Forest. Not only are the designs gorgeous and earthy but they very beautifully capture our free spirited children! COTB encompasses all that we believe childhood should be; adventurous, daring, magical and presence. We were so excited to bare witness to the birth of their new range “Slow Livin” that we decided to showcase the short film they created here at YZM, it is a refreshing reminder to just “be” with our kids.


In a fast-paced technology-obsessed world where the words, ‘I’m so busy’ are thrown around so often, Children of the Tribe wanted to make a short film which celebrates the benefits of living a little slower, of being present and in the moment and not missing out on those little but important moments with our kids. The film SLOW is centred on the Sawyer family. Elisa and Rhys have four gorgeous kids – Sonny, Lola, Scout and Tex – and live on a property with chooks, dogs, a tyre swing, treehouse, vegetable patch and a resorted caravan called Winnie. This family values quality over quantity and are truly connected with each other, with nature and the rhythms around them. SLOW is a beautiful reminder to slow down a little and soak in the precious moments with loved ones.