The Teacher by Lexi Crouch

Before I had my baby I had no idea how much of a role model and teacher she would play in my life. Having children and shifting one of our roles into Motherhood can be completely life changing and I am a big believer when a baby is born so is a Mother. Don’t get me wrong, it can be completely overwhelming as well, my biggest fears were was I able to the best figure I can be? Am I able to protect her always, and what if I really mess this up? I didn’t know I was in for so much more nor was I the one really learning the lessons.  

 I am a dedicated student of Yoga and travel to India to study often. As well as asana (yoga postures) I like to practice gratitude, kindness, truth and faith. I have had a past of an Eating Disorder and made full recovery and with an intense drive like this, it was always hard to know what the body needed. During pregnancy my baby would let me know when to take it easier and when to take rest, what kind of foods were going to be nourishing for the day and where my practice was going to go for the day. My daughter had been there from the beginning teaching me things I didn’t even know about myself. 

 I was lucky to continue practicing Yoga through pregnancy and beyond and each morning my very own teacher is right there beside me to guide me along. This is where the real teachings have begun especially since the crawling has happened. Although she is only 8 months old, I have learnt to have more patience on and off the mat, I have learnt to let go of expectations of how the practice and life will go, to be present – this has been a big lesson as my baby constantly reminds me to bring myself back to the here and now, unconditional love and above all anything is possible, it is quite amazing what can be achieved not just with Yoga but in the journey of Motherhood. 

 As she is quickly growing, I am too. These are lessons you cannot learn from a book but have been experienced from the heart. Forever my teacher, forever her student.   


Lexi is a Yoga Mama to Mabel, Nutrition/Dietetic Student, Therapist and Writer. She is very passionate about health, nature, luna cycles and soul evolution. 

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