Remember Those Feet by Felicity Taylor

If you have doubted yourself this week. If you havequestioned your ability to raise your precious babes, had moments where you’re positive you’ve messed it up and failed; let me remind you that you’re capable.

Be reminded of why you spent hours pondering how to discipline, cleaning up food scraps, washing dirty clothes, endlessly cleaning up toys off the floor, the benches and the ceiling. Be reminded why it is that you thought your brain might just explode into an ugly mess, why it is that you didn’t get to eat, why you collapsed into bed night after night with no energy to even put pyjamas on.

Be reminded that the why behind all these things that are crammed into your life, day after day, are those little feet that are resting in your babies’ bedroom tonight. Those little feet that have already made a deep and wonderful imprint on your heart. Those little feet that run around and put mud all over your floors, will one day lead armies, pull lives out of deep pits, travel the world spreading love and hope, climb mountains, conquer valleys, run marathons, dance to songs of victory, and walk paths indescribable.

Those little feet – the ones you tie shoes on, pick burrs out of, scrub dirt off – those feet are not to be belittled. Remember them when you feel like giving up, remember them when you think you’re no good for this role, remember them when you’re wishing those feet to be more independent.

Remember that those feet right now are your why. You arehelping those little feet grow, guiding them, helping them find their unique print that they will leave in this world. And that, dear friend, is a very important role – a role not to be belittled.

Remember those precious little feet…


I live in a small country town in Central West NSW Australia with my Wonderhubby and three Little Wilds.  I’m a blogger, business owner, and am passionate about encouraging and championing others in life, which drives my blog writing and led me to found a support page for Mums and Dads in their fourth trimester and beyond!

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