Prepping For Conscious Pregnancy by Jenna Pennrose

Even before conception, I could feel my two children’s spirits whispering in my ear and wanting to be born. Making my body a vessel to grow and output their divine love has been one of the most profoundly spiritual experiences of my life. I know many people who could accurately feel the spirit of their baby for many years before the child is born. As far as I understand it, babies and parents have a soul contract that is sorted out in the place of no-time in between lifetimes. So you are already coming in to this life with the pre-knowledge of exactly who your children will be, and so for this reason, you can already feel a very strong connection with your baby before they are even conceived. If you have yet to get pregnant, or if you’re newly pregnant, tune in to the soul of your baby and see what your intuition tells you, write it all down, and then see how much ends up being spot on.

Honestly, there is really not much that can prepare you for the immense change that you are heading for when thinking about bringing a child into this world. For me, the greatest lesson in preparing for pregnancy was being in the mindset of divine timing. Having trust that it would happen at the perfect time. I call it a lesson because for me this was a hard thing to learn, since time/timing has been an anxiety trigger for me. Trusting in the divinely timed conception of your child is the first time that you are called to let your ego die in the childbearing process. It is not about what you think would be perfect, it is about trusting that the perfect time will come and that it will happen then. When you are ready to get pregnant, I would also suggest consciously calling the spirit forward with your partner, letting the spirit of your child know that mom and dad are ready to receive them, and then waiting for it to occur in divine timing. Other helpful things that I did to make my body ready for pregnancy…

Acupuncture- Acupuncture points can really awaken and jumpstart reproductive organs

Chinese Herbs-Chinese herbs can help to balance energies and hormones

Chiropractic Adjustment- Good alignment can help with a comfortable pregnancy and keep baby in optimal position

Healthy diet/lifestyle- Cutting out toxins in personal products and processed foods, eating all organic if possible

Prenatal vitamins-Start taking them early to get your body ready for making a baby

Lots of water- Water is the juice of life and helps flush out toxicity

Finding Peace-It will happen at the perfect time, come to peace with timing and family members

When you find yourself pregnant, tune into the baby, connect your hearts, shield yourself and baby in meditation, feel universal love being poured into the baby from your grounding cords. Meditate a lot on the connection you have. Do not give into anxiety that tries to sway you from your intuition. Eat what feels good for you, do what feels good for you. Move in the ways of resonance and don’t look back. Don’t rely on non-resonant medical advice or unnecessary intervention if it contradicts your intuition. Ask your baby how they want to be born. Let them choose their own birthday. Ask your baby what they want to be named. Honor this new life as something that must live free from the control of your ego.


Jenna Pennrose is a writer, poet and lyricist born in Los Angeles, 1983. After a variety of destined experiences, she ended up with a BA in Philosophy and a MA in Anthropology, and acutely feeling the global consciousness shifting. She married an extraordinary man named Jesse on 11/11/11, with whom she hopes to evolve into the very best version of herself and with whom she has many missions to complete. They have a son (Milo) born in September of 2013 and a daughter (Maisy) born in June of 2016.Check out her website for more info on Ascension, energetic protection, parenting starseeds and indigos, pregnancy, birth, DIY recipes and the revolution of consciousness.

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