Folks we Love with Amanda Booth, model


Tell us a little bit about your journey and how you’ve come to arrive here.

My name is Amanda Booth. I was born on an army base, in Watertown, NY. My family and I traveled a lot. At first it was because my dad was in the army. Then it was because my step dad worked for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Lastly, we moved because my single mom was busting her butt to take care of me, and we always had to change our circumstances. So, it’s a bit hard to answer where I’m from, but we usually ended up in Pennsylvania. Now, I call Los Angeles home, and I’ve done so for the past nine years.

I’m lucky to call modeling and acting my occupation. I’ve been trying my hand at the two for the last thirteen years combined. I took a few years off after my husband (Mike Quinones) and I decided to start a family. I wasn’t anticipating taking as much time as I did. But, I also wasn’t anticipating birthing a child who would have special needs. I suppose that’s the beauty of life really, the unexpected and settling into it…

Who’s in your family, and how did you choose your kids names?

We have our one son – Micah. We didn’t take long choosing a baby name. Both Mike and I believe that too many options for most things in life just over complicate the situation. We chose Micah, because we heard the name and after looking into it, learned Micah was a prophet who protected the poor from the taxation of the rich. Micah sounded like a good person, and that was our main hope for our child…to become “good”. How suiting that would later seem…

I think a major misconception for people who have Down Syndrome is that they live in “pain”. That it’s a “tough” life to live. All I can say, is that nearly everyone I’ve met with Down Syndrome seems happier than most. They strive for so much, and are happy with where they land. They aren’t in any chronic pain, and it in fact, seems like they live so much fuller and more meaningful lives than us “typical” folks do.



What do you wish you could’ve told yourself when you were a teenager?

When I was a teenager, I dreamed I’d be a model and an actress. I dreamed I would be married, and live in a house, and have a baby. That’s pretty much exactly where I’ve ended up! I love seeing a goal, and working hard for it. I love dreaming of wildly large things, things that are so terrifying, because the thrill of getting them, or even coming close, is beyond compare. With that, I would say that I would go back in time, and tell myself to chill out. To relax and take more time to be a kid. I had a decently rough childhood, and I was always in a “rush to grow up” (at least my mom would say). I never ever took my eyes off my goals. Overall, I’m sure it’s exactly how I ended up on the other side of the country pursuing those dreams, but a little less hard on myself would probably have been an alright way to go.

How do you unwind?

My absolutely favorite thing to do, is nothing! I love to have a glass of wine and just hang out with a close girlfriend. Watching movies is my daily goal. Get Micah to bed with enough time to watch a film! I love intimate environments, and I feel like home is always the best place to cultivate that. I can literally sit on my sofa, stare at the ceiling with no music playing, no phone, and have a nice long think…for hours. I definitely don’t have too much time to do most of those things anymore, but the balance of being mom and being me is slowly starting to exist.

How has your relationship with your other half changed since having kids? How do you stay connected?

Mike and I are working really hard at making time to do adventurous things as a family. I know that we both feel most connected when we are getting our needs met, which obviously makes sense. Mike loves getting outside and doing things (he’s a manic Virgo), and I love quality time. So, when we keep those aspects in the foreground, our marriage seems to thrive. It’s when we get too outside of the unit, and just focused on the self, that it very quickly and easily get’s pulled apart. It’s really not easy balancing work, parenthood, and being a person all at once…It’s a lot easier when you’re present, and giving.



What advice would you give a parent-to-be?

My favorite advice to give to parents is to get out of your own head about what you want your child to do. Relax, and take a look at them, watch, and allow them the space to lead the way. It’s not our job to come up with who they are. It’s our job to cushion the falls, and build them back up. It’s our job to create kind, and compassionate human beings.

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is Anthem by Ayn Rand.

What are 4 things you can’t live without as a parent?

I couldn’t live without:

– Coffee

– Wine

– Girlfriends to vent to

– Minions (because he loves Minions, and when he’s happy, I’m happy)