The Story Of My Miracle by Sara Bonifacio


This is the story of why I’m 18 and not 26 years old by now. Sounds weird? Let me explain.

My mom and dad got married after 5 years of dating, romantic adventures, a lot of love declarations and all that lame stuff couples do before getting married. Well, for what I know they really loved each other and as they had so much love to give, they wanted to be able to share their love once it was too big to keep it between their two. They wanted a child. A boy or a girl it didn’t matter. They didn’t have much, but love was not missing anywhere around that house.

So they said: Lets have a baby!

They tried once, twice, three times, four and so on and on as many as you can count (or imagine) during 8 years! 8 years they tried, and even when the darkest days came in, they never lost faith.

My mom was told by the doctors she couldn’t get pregnant, that she should give that up and accept it. Can you imagine a snowball forming in the top of a mountain and rolling down, and even if you keep running and running, it will eventually hit you? I think that’s what it felt like. But for 8 straight years they tried. Until they started to accept that no one would ever live for 9 months in my mum’s belly. But they would still have so much love to give. And so they considered adoption. Yeah, why not?! So many kids out there that need to love and be loved.

But then… some days before they started the adoption process, my mother took a pregnancy test, and guess what?! The miracle happened. She was pregnant! I can’t imagine how happy my parents were!

But the story doesn’t end here. During the second month of pregnancy, doctors found out she had toxoplasmosis, a disease that would cause their child be born with physical and/or mental disabilities. Time went by and she stood strong. The child was born on February 13, 1998, a Friday the 13th. And during an entire year their little girl went to the doctor every month to check out if any mental disabilitie were coming out.

The answer to that question popping in your head is no! Everything turned out ok. I’m here. Healthy. Happy. And with so much love inside of me.

The truth is we never know what life has meant for us. And I don’t know what it has meant for me or for you, readers. What I do know is that giving up is not the solution, because if you give up on the things you want most, you will never know the true beauty of achieving it. My mom never gave up, and that’s the reason I’m here writing this right now, simply to tell you to never stop believing. I’m the luckiest daughter in the world!

Do you think that I’m the miracle? No! The miracle is my parents themselves. The fact that their love and desire of having someone to love was bigger than any fear or difficulty they could have. Mums, daughters, sons, love each other because each one of you is a little miracle for someone.


My name is Sara Gabriela Louro Bonifácio. I’m 18. Studied Sciences and Technologies in High School and now I’m moving on to collage. I’m absolutely passionate about acting (actually that’s what I really wanted to do in my life, makes me happy), my family and the English language. Also I’ve been dancing ballet since I was 5. I live in the region of Ribatejo, Portugal.

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