Toddler Energy Shield by Jenna Pennrose


When you are convinced, like I am, that everything is energy, and that we live in a multi-dimensional, energetic reality, it becomes important to protect your children in a whole new way. My toddler tyrant prince Milo and I just had an incredible conversation about energetic shielding and commanding your personal space. He is not yet three, but he came into this life a total warrior with the inborn concept epic battle, so I knew this would resonate with him. He of course, got the concept on energetic shielding faster than most adults. I think this is mostly because children really understand these things better than adults do. It is the adults who prevent this inner-knowledge from blooming within their children, because they are proceeding from the viewpoint of reality as they were taught it.

First, I explained to him that there are bad guys in the world (we often talk about good guys vs. bad guys, and he tells me, “I’m a good guy, mama”), he started crying when he thought about how there are real bad guys in the world, because he understood what I meant. I would rather him know the truth than be naïve about the existence of people with dark auras and negative intentions. I then explained how you can protect yourself by making a bubble in your mind connecting down to the Earth and up to Spirit. I explained that and if he ever feels like there is a bad guy around him, he needs to make this mental bubble really strong and then call mama. He nodded vigorously through tearing eyes. He repeated the whole thing back to me. He understood the situation I was trying to communicate completely. We looked at pictures on my phone of torus fields and energy bubbles, including ones that I had drawn. He was fascinated.

I explained how you connect the bubble up to Spirit and all the angels, then down to the heart of the Earth, then all around you, moving my arms accordingly. I started saying “Up, Down, Up, Down, All Around, All Around”, moving my arms in corresponding motions. Milo latched on to that mantra. He repeated “Up, Down, Up, Down, All Around, All Around,” moving his arms all around himself. His pure childlike intention was building a very strong shield, I could feel it. The “Ups” connected him to Spirit, the “Downs” connected him to the Earth, and when he said the “All Arounds,” I felt that torus bubble spreading out around him. Milo got it perfectly. He started putting himself in a double grounded energy bubble with ease like a pro, repeating “Up, Down, Up, Down, All Around, All Around,” and “There are bad guys in the world, but not in my bubble.” My baby was commanding his personal space!! I cried tears of joy.

I then told him he could put the bubble around other people by imagining them in a bubble. The next thing I know, Milo is commanding a bubble around me, saying, “Up, Down, Up, Down, All Around, All Around Mama!!” Then his baby sister, saying, “Up, Down, Up, Down, All Around, All Around Maisy!!!”. Then our house, saying “Up, Down, Up, Down, All Around, All Around our House!!!” and then his dad, dog, and all his grandparents. Shielding us all came so naturally to him. He hasn’t stopped shielding everyone since.


Jenna Pennrose is a writer, poet and lyricist born in Los Angeles, 1983. After a variety of destined experiences, she ended up with a BA in Philosophy and a MA in Anthropology, and acutely feeling the global consciousness shifting. She married an extraordinary man named Jesse on 11/11/11, with whom she hopes to evolve into the very best version of herself and with whom she has many missions to complete. They have a son (Milo) born in September of 2013 and a daughter (Maisy) born in June of 2016. Check out her website for more info on Ascension, energetic protection, parenting starseeds and indigos, pregnancy, birth, DIY recipes and the revolution of consciousness.

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