Week 29 Pregnancy Update and Fitness Vlog by Teresa Palmer


What week:


How big is the baby:

15 inches 2.5 pounds (1.13kg) the size of a butternut squash!

What’s something new this week:

I can see my very faint Linea Nigra appearing! I got it somewhere around 25 weeks last pregnancy so it’s taken a little longer to appear this time round. I’m loving it and Bodhi likes to trace his finger along it.


Most challenging moment:

Pregnancy fatigue! I’m writing this right now with the car seat reclined parked on the side of the street as I wait for Bodhi to finish pre-school. Even after 8 hours of sleep I’m still exhausted.

Most exciting moment:

Bodhi and I had the most AMAZING week full of play dates, preschool, soccer and swimming! Firstly we saw Sarah and Wyatt last Tuesday (Bodhi is currently obsessed with all things Sarah, Eric, Wyatt and Esmé!!) so he was on an absolute high and is still talking about them, then Thursday I had a group of Mama’s from my Spiritual Mamas group over for a swim and play (the group is affectionaly known as the”Mommmmm’s!” Thanks Ellie Knaus for arranging this incredible community, more details on that later!)


Saturday we attended one of his preschool friends 3rd birthday parties at Travel Town and we rode the train with our friends, Bodhi was so happy to be there and just to see his little face lit up which filled me with joy. His best friend Atticus was there and it’s just a hoot to see their friendship blossoming and their interactions. Later that day we went to another friend from preschools house, the kids played, we ate great food and then we used sparklers and made smores. I remember just thinking that this was one of those days that Bodhi would remember always, that we were making beautiful memories.


Then Sunday we caught up with Jaime King (who is going to be sitting down for a Vlog interview with me in the coming weeks!!) her husband Kyle Newman and 2 boys James and Leo. We went to the kid play cafe yet very chic Au Fudge for dinner and a hang out. What an incredibly fun week, one of those weeks that I’ll never forget!

Starting weight:


Current weight:



I went to Cross Fit last Wednesday, I did my workout with Jeff (see below) and that’s it for this week! At Cross Fit, I did my own thing and did a 30 minute workout and incorporated squats with weights, kettle bell swings and the bicycle for interval spirits!




Apple and Honey Oatmeal, Square Bar, Gluten Free Muffin


Vegan Spinach artichoke dip, chocolate protein smoothie.


Gazpacho, Kale salad, grilled cheese, crispy Brussels sprouts.


Sweetest Bodhi/Baby moment:

Bodhi tells everyone that he is going to “pull baby out of the water when he comes from Mama” we have been looking at a lot of Water birth videos together, he told baby the other day that “I will catch you when you come out!”

Food Aversions:

None this week! I feel as though I could eat everything!


My I Am Immortal drink from Cafe Gratitude, I’ve also been really digging crushed ice and ice water, love the sensation of crushing the cool ice between my teeth! Still I’m loving the essential oils too and just updated my Air Detox stash hehe.



I’ve been reading Ina May Gaskins “Spiritual Midwifery” and feeling really inspired by these woman telling their birth stories, discussing the rushes (contractions) and how they just gave over to the experience without trying to control what the sensation is. I’m getting really emotional thinking about the birth, and I have been connecting with him deeply in the womb. I keep talking to him about these last couple of months before he is born and talking to him about the birth and how excited I am to see him and hold him. I know that it’s going to be here before I know it and it’s just a pretty special time right now, an underlying contentment that makes up each part of my day.


Okay guys! This video is hilarious, YouTube only lets me have 15min so I had to cut out a full 2mins of this to make it fit! Hence why you don’t see me do all the reps but I promise I DID do them all! Pandemonium at the Palmer household! You will experience me juggling Bodhi’s needs with the need to make the video, we water some plants mid workout, hear many dogs barking, see my husband trying to get creative with camera angles, some dancing goes on, lots of laughing and craziness all in one! This was actually a HOOT to shoot, maybe my favorite as you get to have a real insight in to what our household is like! We choose not to have a nanny so next weeks video I’m just committing to fully incorporating Bodhi!

Again, please be mindful whilst working out, check in with a doctor before beginning an exercise regiment and listen to your body! Thanks Jeff our favorite trainer, you make us laugh (and sweat!) Follow him here @la_mindset