Week 28 Pregnancy Update & Fitness Vlog by Teresa Palmer

What week:


How big is the baby:

14.8 inches or the size of an Eggplant! He weighs 2 & 1/4 pounds which is 1kg

What’s something new this week:

Pregnancy insomnia! I’ve not been able to fall asleep for the first hour and a half each night. Once I’m asleep I’m good though! then of course I just can’t sleep in so even when my husband wants to give me a sleep in I’m up with Bodhi at 7!


Most challenging moment:

The middle of the day lulls when I don’t have time for a nap and just have to push through. Carving out me time has been especially hard lately as we have both kids right now and my husband is working at the moment.

Most exciting moment:

We went to our friend and fellow Adelaidean, Sia’s dress rehearsal for her upcoming concert this week, we took Bodhi too and our baby was literally dancing to her songs from the belly, especially Chandelier haha I’ve started playing Sia to Bodhi and baby in the car now!

Starting weight:

116lbs/52 kg

Current weight:

134lbs/60.7kg back on track after not gaining for a few weeks! Again I’m exactly the same weight I was at this week during my pregnancy with Bodhi, so crazy and not at all intentional, it’s just how my body naturally responds.


Been a slacker again this week with Mark working and not having a nanny. I usually have 3 hours to myself in the mornings when Bodhi is at preschool but I spent that time this week doing 25 back to back Tez Talks videos for Your Zen Life! This week I have those hours back to myself though and can work out. I did do the one workout with Jeff (see video below) and I’m certainly feeling it today!



Oatmeal with apples, almond milk, honey, slithered almonds (Thanks Mark), smashed avocado toast and vegan muffin from Cafe Gratitude, green juice(kale, celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon)

Spinach artichoke dip with sourdough bread, chocolate protein smoothies, baked yams.

I Am Immortal hot drink from Cafe Gratitude (Ayervedic tonic, reishi, shilajit, mucuna, raw honey steamed almond milk, cinnamon and Cacao) Plus a sneaky ice-cream!

Heirloom Tomato salad, Gazpacho soup, Breads and Dips from our new fav restaurant Vegetable

Sweetest Bodhi/Baby moment:

Our nighttime baby massages! Bodhi loves to rub the oil on my belly and sing to the baby as he massages him.


Food Aversions:

Not feeling pizza this week!


My new I Am Immortal Cacao drink from Cafe Gratitude I maaaay be consuming that twice a day! And of course still the smell of Air Detox (Eucalyptus, lemon and lime essential oils)


It’s been a lovely week at home with the kids doing all things parenting, play dates, birthday parties, park outings, scooter missions, swim classes, preschool hang outs plus then laundry, dishes, bed making, dog wrangling, blogging, general tidying up etc. Sarah and I also had the most beautiful YZM workday and the kids hung out and had a complete blast together! Plus I got extra clucky snuggling with baby Esmé who gave me lots of smiles! It’s these simple things that I love to do the most. I’ve been thinking about how much I love my routine with Bodhi and how wonderful it’s going to be to be able to incorporate our newest little love in to all the things we have already established with Bodhi. It’s feeling right round the corner now and it’s getting very exciting!


We are back back again this week with Jeff putting me through an awesome workout! Before doing this routine make sure you listen to your body! Take it easy, rest in between and check in with the doc before starting an exercise regiment!