In Love There is Only Kindness by M.J Silva


Charlie Chaplin once said that LOVE is enough to get everything done.

And when it comes to children, this quote receives a whole new meaning.

In LOVE – in its purest essence – there’s only kindness. LOVE embraces. LOVE welcomes. LOVE accepts. LOVE is tender. Respectful. LOVE motivates. LOVE inspires. LOVE opens space. Allows. LOVE gives time. LOVE gives. Without any intention of receiving.

When it crosses the barrier of kindheartedness, it can be called other things. Yet, it’s not LOVE.

Raising children is a journey along which we discover the true meaning of LOVE. Where we find that LOVE is guiding. That it is mentoring.

It’s realizing that we are raising independent souls, free beings, although they apparently belong to us. Our children are connected to us. Yet they belong to themselves. And to the world.

Becoming parents is an opportunity for us to learn how to LOVE unconditionally. Without restrictions, without barriers. Without boundaries.  With all our soul.

Becoming a parent is being born again every single step of our journey. It’s facing challenges and learning to overcome them. It’s learning the beautiful art of letting go. It’s learning to live for the moment. In the moment.

LOVE inspires. LOVE embraces. LOVE observes. In LOVE there’s only kindness.

Raising children is inspiring. It’s becoming dream factories, where we can learn from our children, learn how good life is, just because this morning we woke up and we’re still breathing. It’s learning to value the sunset as one of the most important things in life. It’s learning that beautiful memories are made of bonding moments.

Children need nurturing, compassion and understanding.  Especially in the most challenging moments. Those moments when they don’t have the tools to verbalize their needs with their words. They need us to be their biggest source of LOVE.

Being parents is being LOVE. In its purest essence.

And being LOVE is being a place where children can shelter themselves from the world, not a place where they need to feel they have to fight for LOVE.

It’s having in us a safe haven.

It’s being their true and most important school – the one that trains the emotions. The one that includes and accepts all feelings as a primary part of each one of us.

Being LOVE is being friends – best and true friends – those friends that are there for all the bad times. Friends that are able to listen to their hearts. Friends that respect and embrace.

Charlie Chaplin said that LOVE is enough to get everything done.

In LOVE there’s only kindness.

In the end, at the end of each day, kindness is all that counts. All we need.

In LOVE there is no hardness. There can not be. It may even be something else.

But it’s not love.

Because in LOVE, there’s only kindness.


M.J. Silva is a mommy of a free spirited six year old musician and two dogs. A writer, an editor and an artist, M.J. also designs mindfulness coloring books – besides a million other kinds of books.  A strong activist of children’s rights and peaceful parenting, in her previous life M.J. had a degree in journalism, but dedicated twenty years to teaching and researching, falling in love with emotional and inteligence development in childhood.

“The world will change only when radically change the way we look, perceive and treat our children.”

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